The NEW CAPIO NFC Enabled Universal Car Mount by TYLT

At first glance this new mount looks familiar to the old style CAPIO mount, but it is far from it. This new and improved mount has distinctly impressed me in more ways than one. Let me explain.


The previous (Kennington) car mount that I had been “using” was seriously warped and melted. I live in Arizona, which has extreme heat at times and well, there went $50 right out the window. I wanted to truly test this new CAPIO mount, so I waited a week to see if it could stand the Arizona summer heat. While running tests on this mount, the inside of my car reached 143 degrees at times! After the week, the CAPIO showed no signs of warping and the sticky pad was in like-new shape. Additionally, the suction cup held up to the heat and its mounting area, which is very well-made, didn’t show any signs of weakness. [Side note, even in extreme heat the sticky pad didn’t leave residue on my phone!]

Quoting the manufacturer, “The TYLT CAPIO w/ NFC is the next evolution in how smartphones are mounted in cars. Using a patented sticky technology, the mount can securely hold your device in place without clamps or brackets.” I couldn’t have said this any better myself. Their sticky pad is very strong when keeping devices secure. Mind you, all others that I have tried have failed at doing this; if you’d take off too quickly or take a corner too fast “good-bye phone”.

The NFC is a very nice touch. Just place your phone on the mount and the phone can do a number of things. The CAPIO allows the driver to use their NFC-enabled smartphones to set up custom profiles for an easier and safer drive using NFC Task Launcher app (it automatically sends you to the Play Store to download it on first use). I set mine up to open Car Mode, turn on Bluetooth, and turn off text messaging. Not too shabby, right?

Here’s what you’ll get:TYLT-Capio-3q-front-right

• Patented adhesive technology on phone cradle
• NFC 30mmx60mm chip built into the inner housing of the car mount
• Pre-programmed NFC chip for hassle free set up
• Patented adhesive technology on phone cradle
• Patented adhesive combined with suction mount for superior adhesion to auto interior surfaces
• Adhesive releases cleanly from smartphones and auto interior surfaces. It’s guaranteed not to leave residue.
• Adhesive substrate is washable and maintains efficacy
• Two sets of detachable, adjustable support arms for phone cradle to support all smartphone models
• Ball joint neck provides easy tilt and rotation adjustment for viewing
• Made of durable lightweight, recyclable PET

In closing, this mount is a dream for someone on the go who doesn’t want to fiddle with anything. Just throw your device on the mount and go! The CAPIO NFC Enabled Universal Smartphone Car Mount will do everything else for you; your device will stay in place, it won’t melt or warp in the heat (even under extreme temps), and it has NFC for an added bonus. For the price of only $34.99, you can’t afford not to get one.

“I’m Evil_Devnull & I approve this message.”

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  1. FILA

    Still have a funny feeling about using a sticky pad as the phone holder, the fear of that drop and always checking on it

    • evil_Devnull

      Yeah I thought the same thing. But it proved me wrong. the mount does come with little arms to reassure you. but i never needed to use them. it is kind of a fight to get it off the mount, but i would rather it fight me then to throw my evo lte across my ride


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