There are many words to describe the Samsung Galaxy View – huge, very large, gargantuan and monstrous all seem like appropriate words. “Entertainment Reimagined” doesn’t exactly make the list, but that’s what Samsung is trying to push in its latest Samsung Galaxy View ad which portrays the device as the perfect device for the home. Boasting the tagline “it’s not a TV; it’s not a tablet,” Samsung is presumably channelling its inner Superman, but we’re still wondering whether if that’s the right way to go about it – regardless, here’s the ad if you want to have a gander:

We can’t deny that having a 18.4-inch display around the home is a pretty convenient thing, in specific scenarios, but with smart TVs (and assorted mini PCs) becoming more and more prevalent, the benefit of the Galaxy View over a smart TV seems minimal at best. Still, starting at $499 USD, it’s not a hugely expensive device given its huge footprint, and there are definitely environments where the Galaxy View is going to excel.

What do you think about the latest Samsung Galaxy View ad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube via Phone Arena

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