ScubaStebe's weekend game specials

Hey everyone, ScubaStebe here for your post-E3 weekend gaming specials. Lots of nice specials this weekend, particularly if you’re looking at buying something to keep your kids busy. And onto the specials…

New bargain games this weekend:

Doodle Devil – $0.99 (was $2.99)

Call of Atlantis (Full) – $0.99 (was $2.99)

Around the World 80 Days (Full) – $0.99 (was $2.99)

Garfield’s Escape – $0.99 (was $2.99)

Yesterday – $0.99 (was $2.49)

Grimm’s Puss in Boots – $0.99 (was $4.99)

Real Boxing – $0.99 (was $3.99)

Toy Defence 2 – $0.99 (was $1.99)

Plasma Sky – rad space shooter – $0.99 (was $1.99)

Bargains from last week that are still going:

Abalone – $1.79 (was $3.49)

Mystique Ch3: Obitus – $0.99 (was $2.79)

Chopper Mike – $0.99 (was $1.99)

Diner Dash Deluxe – $0.99 (was $1.99)

Trainz Driver – US$0.99/AU$1.09 (was $1.99)

The Curse – $0.99 (was $2.99)

M.U.S.E. – $0.99 (was $1.99)

AVP: Evolution – $0.99 (was $4.99)

Undead Soccer - US$0.99/$AU1.32 (was $1.99)

Touch Racing Nitro – US$0.99/AU$1.30 (was $1.99)

The Bard’s Tale – US$2.49/AU$2.88 (was $4.99)


ScubaStebe’s Recommended Game

This week’s recommended game is Real Boxing, a game which I only just picked up this week because it was on sale. For awhile now, I’ve liked the look of Real Boxing mostly because it reminds me of the Fight Night games on console. Amazingly, my association of Real Boxing and Fight Night is less because of its gameplay, but rather its graphics as they are quite simply astonishing for a mobile game.

There’s blood, there’s sweat, there’s bulging muscles, it’s got the lot. Furthermore, Real Boxing takes touch gestures and thoughtfully incorporates them into the game making the punches feel intuitive. I’ll be sinking a lot more time into Real Boxing in the near future, and I strongly suggest you do so too while it’s only $0.99.

Play Store Link

Honourable Mentions: AVP: Evolution


If you pick something up and like it, or know of a game that’s not on the list of cheap games, let us know in the comments.

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