By now you should all know how much we love themes, particularly MIUI themes. We have amassed quite the collection on the site and even more in our devices folder. What is better than finding a great new theme to toss on your device? Creating your own and winning some great prizes for doing it. If you are one of those highly talented individuals that likes to create amazing lockscreens, icons, clocks, wallpapers and back covers, you should pay attention for a second. MIUI is currently hosting the second global MIUI theme design challenge.

The challenge began on May 15th, so we, and you, are a little behind schedule. Sorry about that. The good news though, is that the deadline for your submission is June 30th. That still gives you just over a month to create something wickedly cool for the world to love. Being crowned the winner of such an event is always a great feeling, but MIUI isn’t just going to give you a little trophy or certificate for winning. No they have some stellar prizes lined up for the winners. How about a Benz Smart Fortwo car and MI-ONE device? Ya, that’s what first place gets. There will only be one first place winner, but second place will be awarded to 4 people. They get a 13-inch MacBook air and a MI-ONE device. There are many other prizes up for grabs too.

If you have a whole lot of talent, just a litle bit of talent, or know someone that has any talent, you should get to work getting everything gathered up. You never know if you will win something unless you enter. For all the details, list of judges, list of prizes and how to enter, point your browser to the Offficial MIUI Theme Design Challenge page. Good luck to every themer out there we know. We hope someone from our site wins something.

Thanks +MIUI ROM for tipping us off!!

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