Sero 7 Pro

There are three things in this world that I don’t touch with a ten foot pole: cars from auction houses, escorts and cheap tablets. Why, you ask? Well, all three do the same thing. They make you believe that you will get this low cost, second to none experience in the beginning only to be disappointed soon thereafter. Prime example, I bought the Nextbook 7 Premium last year for christmas, ignoring the lackluster RAM and ROM, McDonald’s toy plastic casing and substandard display and touchscreen only because HSN was selling them for next to nothing. Long story short, I was disappointed. However, there is that time when you can be proved wrong, and this Sero 7 Pro may do just that.

This tablet sports the following:

  • 1GB Ram (Apps)
  • 1280×800 7″ (216 ppi) IPS touchscreen
  • Android 4.2.1 “Jelly Bean”
  • 1.2GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 (1.3GHz in single-core mode)
  • 8GB NAND Flash
  • 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, GPS
  • 7.87″ × 4.95″ × 0.43″ (199.9 x 125.7 x 10.9 mm)
  • 4000 mAh
  • 2MP front camera

Now I am sure all of you are sitting and reading, thinking “Wow, that really sounds familiar.” Well, that’s because it is familiar. This tablet is literally a clone of the Nexus 7. What’s more is that the specs for this tablet sport a couple things that the Nexus 7 doesn’t including:

  • microSD card Support
  • 5MP rear camera

This is what the Nexus 7 SHOULD HAVE been. I always thought it was dumb that Nexus phones didn’t support expandable memory, one of my main reasons for buying one (apparently Google didn’t take into consideration the sheer size of the average game cache when the tablets were being made). This tablet, unlike other lesser known names, is actually comprable to an up to date tablet. Even though you only get 8GB of on-board storage (Google did away with those and only sells 16GB and 32GB models now), you can expand it up to 32GB Guaranteed! I have even read that if you format it to Fat32 rather than… whatever it is… 64GB microSD cards are even safe purchases. Therefore, you have the potential to sport a very high end caliber tablet with 72GB of expandable storage, wow!

Just a side note for you root nerds out there, XDA user xboxexpert provides us all with root and CWM recovery for the Sero 7 Pro.

Now like I said, this typically falls under my “ten foot pole” list, but I am buying one definitely. I can do an unboxing review and tell you whether or not this is really holding up to par. This is available at your local Walmart for a measly $150. Even if you buy a 32GB MicroSD Card (Giving you 40GB of user storage), it’s still $20-$30 cheaper than a 16GB Nexus 7. The only downside is that while Nexus devices are guaranteed Android update support, you might be stuck with Android 4.2 on this one. Also, just my opinion here, it sounds like after Google discontinued support for te 8GB models, they had an overstock and sold them off to the first company that wanted to pay for them. Only difference is, Sero went right where Google went wrong, good job guys.

So tell me what you think, would you buy one? Tell us in the comments below

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  1. Jenn

    Looks like identical specs to the Asus MeMo Pad HD7, which is basically a Nexus 7 without the Nexus name attached & since Asus makes the Nexus 7 anyway (which is a beauty of a tablet, but is let down by the lack of a card slot) I can’t imagine this being any but a massive hit

    • pattys

      I cant beleive i even bought a tablet for 200plus payed for insurance for 2years’i didnt look to see if it had forward facing cam or knew i couldnt get more memory for it,im very upset

      • Jenn

        I got a tablet for Xmas and 3 months later I had to return it, was given a replacement and 3 months later had to return that too, this time I insisted on a refund and last week I brought the Asus MeMo Pad 7. It is fantastic and with moderate use (some e-mailing, game playing, video watching, app downloading, Wi-Fi on all the time) have got 14 hours out of a full charge.

  2. arthur

    Made by Hisense. It’s a piece of trash like the rest of their products, and you will never, ever, see an update beyond what it ships with.

    This definitely falls under the ‘not with ten foot poll’ rule.

    • Simon Walker

      Only saving grace may be the support from the community. Recovery images are already done and with specs so similar to the nexus 7, rom conversions should be easy. Time will tell.

      • Mingo Allen II

        @Arthur that’s when Walmart’s warranty comes in handy, I’m sure it won’t take me 90 days to determine whether or not it’s a piece of crap 😛 , and @Simon I agree. I did a lot of dirty ports way back when (my computer at the time wasn’t strong enough to do source builds), and those at times were from devices with nothing in common, which can cause enough problems of its own (I.E. using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Rom to port something to the Evo 3D, did that a lot). Seeing as the devices are pretty much identical in every respect, it will be nothing for me to put roms on it, I’m sure I can cook something up :). Please, a guy built a kernel with an insecure boot image AND adb support, so they are pretty much pie jobs at this point!

      • sighrus

        Well, I know this is an old post but….. they have already pushed out an an update for this tablet and are going to be releasing JB 4.3 in the fall.

  3. Nicholas M

    Non-expandable storage, while it may seem like dumb design to you, was a very intentional direction for Android, and one that greatly improves the stability and consistency of user-experience.
    It may sound trivial, but microSD cards create sloppiness in the filesystem implementation, and the bad far outweighs the good for the average user. Mobile phones work more efficiently with a unified storage system at the moment, and Android is no longer seen as sloppy like it once was when users had part of their applications on SD and part on internal storage. Developers would also have a far easier experience in supporting users if the majority of manufacturers got on board with this concept.
    I do think there should always be a place in the Android ecosystem for expandable storage in order to satisfy a special need in the market, but it should be (and is starting to become) an exception, rather than a rule of design.
    For Google’s own line of devices, as the face of the Android project as a whole, it is my opinion that they (micro-SD cards) have no place at this moment.

    • Mingo Allen II

      I understand completely. I think it’s just a personal preference because I am an avid gamer and music lover. Prime example, one of the reasons I am buying this is because I know that the 32GB on my HTC One that I’m getting will be bus loaded with music and pictures (+videos) to the brink, so there is no room for games really. Plus, seeing as how game caches are exceeding almost 2GB (i.e. Gangstar Vegas, MC4, etc.) 15 decent games would load the thing out. I like the seamless appeal android is going for, and it’s yielding results without a doubt, I just would rather them give me the option of expanding if I wanted to.

      Plus, Android is getting a little bit greedy, so if measly 32GB model phones bank in at $200 on average (subsidized), then 64GB and 128GB devices (both supported by Apple already) will break the bank. If… say… the S4 costs $649 for 16GB (luckily expandable), a 5.0 inch screen and Snapdragon 600, only god knows how much a 64GB phone with Tegra 4i and a 5.something inch screen will cost on bot the unsubsidized and subsidized level. Quite frankly, I’m a college student who happens to write for a major news source, which requires the occasional investment for my work, which I have no problem doing. Case in point, this tablet and that gamestop controller I reviewed. However, if I’m stuck under a 2 Year Contract w/ Sprint, there is no way I’m shelling $800+ dollars to stay up to date technologically.

      So, while the inevitable is near, I still find value in SD cards, call me old school lol. Heck, instead of cutting support, why not ADD support for these 64GB Micro SDXC Cards, which are class 10s or higher and have a boat load of space. I find it easier to buy a $200 upgrade phone and pay an additional $50 for a good SD Card, instead of paying $800 out of the box (I’m saying $800+ because Apple’s iPhone 5 64GB is $849, or over $900 after tax, and Android Phone prices typically stand in that range). Those are night and day differences in prices there, man. Frugality in it’s finest lol

  4. Nicholas M

    Sorry for (sort of) double post guys. It said my comment was rejected because of “special characters”, so I thought I had to change the dashes.

  5. Nicholas M

    Sorry for sort of double posting guys. It said my comment was rejected because of “special characters”, so I thought I had to change the dashes.

  6. Doug Lowe

    You are correct, except I own them both and I think that the Sero 7 Pro exceeds the Nexus 7. I spread the word everywhere that I get the chance. I think that it is the best kept secret ever. However, based on Wal-Mart owner’s reviews and most other reviews, I think that this bargain quality product is finally getting discovered.

    • Mingo Allen II

      I was actually going to go in and buy both the Nexus 7 and this to do a side by side review, but you answered my question, you saved me $200, thanks dude 🙂

  7. Don

    I have had the Sero 7 Pro for several months now and also rooted it. It is an amazing product for the price!

    To the haters, get a life! Don’t even comment if you’ve never had the product.

    • Mingo Allen II

      Lesser known tablets typically aren’t talked about with good standing several months after a purchase lol, makes me more excited to get one 🙂

      • OldThing

        Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. I own both. The Sero 7 Pro out performs my Nexus 7 easily, I don’t care what is inside. The quality of the product is equal if not greater. New owners of it are coming out of the woodwork with rave reviews about it. It is becoming more popular every day. You don’t have to overspend and get ripped off to have a good product.

  8. dougf4

    I own both of these tablets. My wife was given the N7. The Sero is superior to it.

    Just played Riptide GT on my 46 in Vizio with the Sero 7’s Hdmi out. Try that with your N7!

  9. kellis

    Asus fonepad – all of the above plus 3G sim slot. I love it (Nexus 7 now only used at work).

    • Mingo Allen II

      I wouldn’t even consider that with the price tag, it’s out of the game before it starts.

  10. Steve

    I’ve had the Sero 7 Pro since May and it is still working great. While future support is somewhat of a concern, Hisense did at least push out a system update recently.

  11. Marc

    I received update notice also. I’m rooted so I will be waiting to see how it is for others.


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