Do you love having contacts at your fingertips but hate filling your home-screen with contact widgets or shortcuts? I do. For the longest time I solved this problem by having my contact shortcuts in the dock bar (wife) and a few just one screen over so that the initial homescreen was clean.

Sign, however, gives me the ability to quickly dial or text anyone I assign a customized speed gesture too. So far I have an “M” for Mom, “D” for Dad and a “J” for my boss (you’d think it would be “S” for Stormy but “J” is for my real boss). Oh and of course for the sake of cheese a heart for my wife, Awe!

First picture in the gallery is my screen before Sign. Granted it’s still pretty clean but I could only have access to one contact (really I could have more in the dockbar but don’t). Second is my screen after Sign. Pretty much the same except now the spot right next to the phone where my wife’s contact shortcut has resided for several years (can’t believe I’ve been on android that long!) is now a shortcut for Sign.

There’s really not much more to say on this app. The concept is self explanatory and I think the Simply Applied team did a great job with it. I’ll be using it for quite some time I imagine. So hop on over to the Android Market and pick it up while it’s still 50% off! (Or pick up the lite version for free)

Click or scan the QR code below to download from the Android Market.

Application: Sign
Developer: Simply Applied
Cost: $1.99 50% off $.99 for a limited time!

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