Open Android Team Gains Momentum!

You know I’m a big fan of a community where everyone can work together as one big happy family sharing code and applications.  We’ll I’m glad to report that the momentum is moving in the right direction and people are talking.  The idea that I originally placed in the minds of the community was a long time ago, but thanks to Chris Soyars for taking the first step with the developers, OpenEclair has gained momentum and is moving forward with WesGarner and BenBuchacher.

Now we have the first Open Android Team, an OpenAndroidTeam twitter account and the domain name.  Along with this we have created a central area to manage all the projects with private  areas for the team to chat among themselves and present ideas.  I was going to wait for the release of AndroidSPIN’s new site, but the momentum was to great to wait any longer.  This will only be improved once we release the new site with vBulletin forums and a much stronger team.

If you have any ideas for an Open Community project, please let us know in the forums and give the team your support at

What are HTC and Google playing at?

Firstly we have the whole total lack of plan options when you buy the phone forcing you into a 500 min individual plan.  Next we have the issues of the built in unlock functions as if they want us to unlock the phones and then tell us if we do, they provide NO WARRANTY at all, even if you have a hardware problem.

and finally (for now) we have the 3G connection issues plaguing the networks so they release a new radio update…..but wait… breaks it for people who didn’t have problems in the first place….

It was awesome that they released an OTA update that gave us the new Radio, Multitouch in Gallery, Google Maps and the Browser plus new version of Google maps with lots of really nice enhancements.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the new Radio is starting to give people problems and a downgrade has already been release by Enomther to take you back to the original radio.

Come on guys. Test this stuff first.

T9 Dialing for your Android

One of the base features I still think should be included in the phone’s base OS is the ability to quickly search in your dialer using T9 input. This works by narrowing down your contact list as you type characters on your T9 dialer.

HTC include this is most of their HTC branded phones but it’s not part of the base Android it an enhanced dialer developed by HTC.

If you have a Nexus One…Install the new phone dialer from Wysie called NubDial.  NubDial lets you narrow down your contact by dialing the letters on a T9 style dialer.  As you type a new letter is narrows down your contact list matching the characters your typing.

I would give NubDialer a try and see what you think.  It runs along side your existing phone dialer so you don’t have to worry about loosing anything.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

In the mean time, Awesome job Wysei.

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