Spotify has partnered up with Sony to bring a new service to consumers under the branding of Playstation Music. This new content service will be replacing the current Sony Music Unlimited service and will be launching in February in 41 markets including the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. The new service will launch for Sony’s PS4, PS3 and Xperia phones/tablets.

The full demise of Music Unlimited will come to a close on March 29th 2015 in all 19 countries it is currently active in. Users of the service will get the final month of service for free, from February 28th, today, through March 29th. Playstation users will be able to link their Playstation ID’s to Spotify to help make the setup process as easy as possible. The new Spotified backed service will also let you play tunes in the background during your game play. Essentially letting you toss out your favorite playlist while you race around the streets or take out the enemy.

Would be users are free to sign-up for more information at with their email address.  As the official launch gets closer both Spotify and Sony will be releasing more details about the service and any additional features they are bringing to it. As a side note, you won’t be forced to grab the premium version of Spotify either. Both the free version, with ads, and the monthly subscription ad free service will be available. If you are new to Spotify, you should probably go check it out and get your playlist ready. You can grab the Android app, visit their website, grab the Windows app or the Chrome extension. When the launch gets closer you might want to even grab the 60 day free premium trial too, but I’d suggest waiting until the switch is complete if you plan to utilize it on your PS4 or PS3.

Source: Sony | Spotify Via: AndroidAuthority


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