A few days ago AT&T announced a new customer loyalty program dubbed ‘AT&T Thanks‘. The program is geared towards offering loyal AT&T customers with goodies for sticking around and paying their bills. They plan to offer customers ‘Ticket Tuesday’s’ where customers can snag a second movie ticket for free on Tuesdays. They are also doing priority live show ticket purchasing options and additional unique content for DirecTV subscribers as well. Today T-Mobile came out and launched their counter to the AT&T Thanks program with T-Mobile Tuesday’s.

T-Mobile Tuesdays (1)T-Mobile Tuesdays (2)T-Mobile Tuesdays (3)
I already see some pretty cool stuff going on int the free app for current customers. T-Mobile is also kicking in 1 hour of free in-flight Gogo Wi-Fi access on your smartphone for EVERY flight you take that is equipped with the capability. That goody goes into effect on June 13th.

“Get ready for a gratitude adjustment, America! This Un-carrier move is all about giving you a good thanking! No strings. No gotchas. Just ‘thank you for being a customer!’” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “At T-Mobile, we already wake up every day working for our customers—so I’ve decided to make it official and turn T-Mobile customers into T-Mobile owners by offering them stock. And we’re thanking customers every week with cool stuff from brands people love. For free. Every Tuesday!”.

The possibility of wining cool stuff and even snagging a few freebies on Tuesday’s is pretty cool. There is a heck of whole lot more to the story though. As you read in the quote from John, all current and potential T-Mobile customers are being offered a share in the company. You start off with one share and can build up to 100 shares a year. According to the press release, the current share value is $42. You do need to have an active account in good standings to ‘Stock Up’ your first free share along with create a free account on LOYAL3. Once set up, which opens up tomorrow June 7th, start referring friends with 3 easy steps:

Your friend or family member will follow 3 simple steps:
1.Visit www.t-mobile.com/claimyourshare to provide consent for referral
2.Activate on a new T-Mobile branded postpaid monthly phone plan
3.Bring their existing number from a qualifying postpaid account (port-in). The number must be the same number you included in your referral, and the person you refer can’t have been a recent T-Mobile customer. (with in the last 90 days)

They mention the LOYAL3 account is free, the shares and brokerage fees are free and you can freely sell your shares at any time. Basically snag yourself 100 customer port overs a year for $4200 in company shares right now. T-Mobile is also offering current customers who have an account in good standings that have been with the company over 5 years a chance to double up their shares through the end of the year. I could pay off my car in two years if I turned around and sold it all, maybe sooner if prices increase.

For all you current T-Mobile customers out there, I suggest you grab the app right now. Tomorrow is Tuesday and a whole new slew of deals are set to go into effect. I’m starting to like Tuesday a bit more now. Especially since tomorrows prize will be a private showing of the new Warcraft Movie with 40 of your friends. While that would be fun, I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for the Machu Picchu trip personally.

Source: T-Mobile

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