For those of you who own this device, know that right now, development has been pretty slow. This is mainly due to the fact that ClockworkModRecovery was not available. All that has changed thanks to developers @Krylon360 and @drhonk.




Head on over to XDA to lean how to flash it.

Source: XDA, @Krylon360

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  1. Benn514

    This is good news for us SGS4G owners. This phone has so much potential. Finally we’ve been shown some love. 1 Trillion Bajillion thanks to Krylon360 & DrHonk. I do have one question which may be noobish.

    So I installed CWM, and my phone is back up and running. If I press the power button, am I supposed to see the longer list off options this time, such as Reboot, Recovery, Download as shown on the pic I attached? Or am I supposed to use the Volume + Power button method?

    • Bryce Walter

      Thanks, it was fun working on the project. For the power menu, you wont see that until it is ported to the device. Its not hard to do actually, you can review this post on XDA and it will guide you through it.

  2. jimmy57

    Thank you guys soo much now all I need to know is where are all the roms and is there a Slim ics ROM for this device?


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