Binge-On and Music Freedom have a way of pulling down data use for many Americans. Pair it with no overage charges and 1 year data roll-over and a lot of people see their total monthly use dropping significantly. To celebrate the magenta company is rolling out yet another promotional plan for consumers. It officially goes live on April 6th and offers 10GB’s of data per-line, on up to 4 lines for $35 per line. Math wise, that is $140 a month for 10GB’s per line. Even more precise, that is non shared buckets with Binge-On, Music Freedom and the other perks of the carrier. None of that includes any device costs of course.

Thanks to Binge On and Music Freedom, 70% of video and 96% of the music T-Mobile customers on qualifying plans stream doesn’t even hit their high speed data bucket. Over the past three years, T-Mobile has created fundamental differences between Un-carrier Data and data from the carriers. Un-carrier Data not only rides on the nation’s fastest LTE network, but it also comes with unlimited video and music streaming from participating providers, no overages, worry-free roaming and the ability to stash your unused data  to use up to a year later; so you keep what you already paid for.

To add to the promo T-Mobile is also offering up a number of deals on a wide range of tablets too. If you pick up an iPhone, KG or Samsung device, you can get up to 50% of any same brand tablet. Total can’t exceed $200 though, but instead of just discounting the purchase, they are giving you a prepaid visa for the 50% cost. The cards could take up to 8 weeks to be delivered.

Source: T-Mobile

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  1. Dale

    Can an existing customer sign up for this plan for only one line? I are there any negatives?


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