If you are rooted then you have probably or are currently, running a CyanogenMod build of Android. Even some of the other ROM’s out there are CM based and offer the theme chooser app built right in. Either way, you could probably use some themes to keep your Android addiction new and fresh. Team Carbon has your back in that category. They have been around for years and have created quite the portfolio of themes for you to choose from. Like these bad boys,

Steel Blue

Team Carbon SteelBlue CM themes


Team Carbon ElectricCyan CM Themes


Team Carbon BloodRed CM Themes

These themes aren’t just built exclusively for CM though. They will work on AOKP, Paranoid Android and any ROM that offers up the Theme Chooser app. That is, all the NextGen themes will. Then you have all the CM 7 themes. Not sure how many people are still running a CM build that old, but there might be some of you out there.

I have perused the 18 pages of themes they offer and see that some of them haven’t been updated with the new  $0.99 special price, so you might have to check back on those. This special is running from now through the end of May. That should give you plenty of time to snag up a few at a good price tag. I have linked a few below as well as a link to their entire catalog.

Team Carbon Play Store Catalog Link








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