I have a pretty big soft spot for Kairosoft games – if you haven’t heard of Kairosoft before, you might have heard of their breakout mobile game: Game Dev Story. From there, the studio has released a mountain of simulation games that cover a broad spectrum of activities including owning a sushi train restaurant, a soccer club and running a mega mall. Kairosoft’s latest title is called Tennis Club Story, and as you might imagine puts you in charge of training up the next champion of the (completely fictional, yet slightly satirical) tennis world.

Those who have closely followed Kairosoft’s releases will be happy to know that Kairosoft has shied away from the freemium format it has been experimenting with of late, meaning you’ll be paying $4.99 USD for the complete experience of Tennis Club Story. If $4.99 USD seems a bit steep for a mobile game, Kairosoft has ‘lite’ versions of several of its games so you can try those and see what this simulation craze is all about. In my experience, Kairosoft games have the ability to keep you up till 4am engrossed with trying to squeeze the best out of your home-grown team – take that recommendation as you will.

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Source: Pocketgamer

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