A few weeks ago we heard about the murmur that Amazon was getting ready to release a $50 tablet – and today, they’ve done just that. The simplistically named Amazon Fire tablet features a 7-inch IPS display, quad core 1.3GHz processor, expandable memory up to 128GB and front and rear cameras, and costs – you guessed it – just $49.99 USD. That’s extremely cheap, so cheap that Amazon is even offering the tablet in a six-pack, available for $249.95 – for those wondering, that’s buy-five-get-one-free.

Amazon Fire tabletNaturally, you get access to all of Amazon’s exclusive services, but of course that means that you’ll be running a forked version of Android. That said, the Amazon Fire tablet is basically the perfect tablet for kids and those just getting into smart devices now – we’ll have to wait and see how good the quality is once the tablet starts hitting people’s hands, but the price makes it a very attractive option regardless.

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Source: Business Wire

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