I haven’t played with the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G as it’s never really appealed to me, but I guess when you look at it, it’s actually a pretty powerful Samsung Android phone.  I received an email from ayOteddy who is looking for help and wants to know if the developers will help out and get SideKick 4G development moving in the right direction.

Here’s what ayOteddy sent me:

“The sidekick 4G it a very good phone and is just as fast as my vibrant. This phone has a lot of potential and after almost an entire month since the release we have no development what so ever. We have no working recovery so no ROMS or anything can be tested. I have a small team that is helping me but we really need a recovery. Please look into supporting the sidekick, many people look past this phone because its targeted at a younger age group (teens) but it has just as much potential as the galaxy s phones. If you need a tip at all, the sidekick only depends on its external SD card to load data on and off. I really hope you can add support to this phone. When I download ROM manager I only get the options for recoveries for galaxy s phones and tablets. We have root just waiting on recovery. Hope you can look into it I contacted koush on xda, twitter and email I think its just not high enough demand but it would really shut the silence in the sidekick development section..”

The first step for any device is to get a working recovery that can then be used to flash ROMs and more.  The master of this would the @Koush with the now famous ROM Manager and ClockworkMod recoveries. Surely, now that the Samsungs are getting more and more support and is now included in CyanogenMOD project, it shouldn’t be too hard to create a new recovery for the SideKick!  I’m not one to talk, as I’m no developer, but it doesn’t sounds like there are many differences between the SideKick and the Samsung Galaxy S series.

From what I understand, the Sprint Epic 4G and T-Mobile Vibrant ClockworkMod Recovery does load on the SideKick, but does not detect the EXT SD Card, which is the only way you can load data on and off the device.

So ayOteddy, I have posted your request and hope that you might get some response in the SideKick developer areas to give your device some momentum.

If anybody knows of any development activity in process for the T-Mobile SideKick 4G, please let us know below.

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    • Anonymous

      or learn to do it yourself. The community needs to stop treating koush and other developers like personal slaves.

      • Simon N. Walker

        While I do agree more people should step up and find the time to do more things for themselves, recovery image development is not an easy tasks and can very easily turn your phone into a paperweight. That’s why not many people create them. Asking for help like this is not unfair as long as you don’t complain when it takes time. Koush is good at what he does and I’m sure he’ll try to help when he has time.

  1. Eric

    The name alone makes the phone sound cheap and targeted at kids. I played with one at TMo and other than being a tad large, it seems like a fast, smooth & well built phone. For speed and comfort typing, I don’t think this phone can be beat.

  2. Corey

    The Galaxy S 4G had the same problem and only got a recovery just a few weeks ago. Koush was to busy to make one.

  3. Jameel1321

     maybe its a problem with not enough devs with tmobile cuz i have the same problem with mytouch slide and clip 2

  4. Bryce Walter

    Well I’m the one that built CWM for the SGS4G, just built the latest and added EXT4 Support for the G2x. Ive posted in the SK4G forums with the info I need to build recovery correctly, so we’ll see how long it takes for them to respond.

    • Noko

       The only other phone with a adequate keyboard processor combo is the G2 for tmobile. It only clocks at 800Mhz though and has a missing row. I don’t see why not.

    • LesserAnimal

      I’m really not sure what is embarassing about this phone. Its plain black and contains mostly the same hardware as plenty of proven  galaxy s phones. Secondly some of us plain HATE touch keyboards. Sure txting a part of that but only a small fraction of what i use my hardware keyboard for. As far as additional features….well thats why hes encouraging development. The moment roms can be installed it has access to all the same features else where. I personally feel the mytouch series to look far more childish than the new sidekicks do… To me it seems to me you’d have to be pretty young/childish to literally be embarrassed over what your phones basic shell….ironically right within the demographic its aimed for.

  5. LesserAnimal

    still hoping this comes to pass. the only flaws i can see so far in this phone would be completely circumvented by custom roms.

  6. S2j3607

    I’ve had the sk4g for a few weeks now and like it, although I recall when I first saw one in april the girl @ the tmo store said it had gingerbread. I was very dissapointed when I got around to getting one that it didn’t. I’ve read on xda and on the tmo forums that gb is supposed to be released for the sk4g. But as we know the million dollar question is when. If a gb rom is made for the sk4g I do hope its easy to do as I’m not to rom saavy.


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