themers roundupLet’s dive right into this week’s Themer’s Roundup! First theme up is The Essence by animoo, who has a plethora of themes available on her MCS page, all of which are equally as beautiful, with quite a few unique and quirky themes as well. This particular theme features small hexagonal widgets for time, date, and weather. Animoo utilized Tiny Black Icons and created clipped corner frames for the icons in a 5 x 3 grid. A blurred background and polygon shapes make for a pleasant contrast between soft and sharp. Animoo has provided the necessary files and some basic instructions on how to replicate this theme, which can be found here.

themers roundupNext is Columnists by twaintyfour, for the news lovers out there. This theme is largely dominated by a three column RSS feed. Quick access to search and applications are placed at the top of the screen, as well as a shortcut to Google+, which also acts as a headline of sorts. A simple and unobtrusive indication of both battery level and weather are tucked into the corners of the image, and a square widget showing time and date mimics an initial. Finishing the theme off, are icons for phone and music, as well as unread Gmail. Columnists is created with Apex Launcher, but should be easily replicated with any launcher that allows custom grids and margin sizes, and the ability to hide the dock drawer. A Dropbox zip with everything needed for this theme is available here.

themers roundupOn to widgets. Minimal Ribbon is just that – minimal. It provides a quick view and quick access to the essentials, all within an attractive semi-transparent bar. Shortcuts for Gmail, Google+, Tapatalk, and the Play Store are also there. Unfortunately, while the hotspots themselves can be customized to open whatever app you choose, due to limitations in UCCW, the icons/images are permanent, which may be fine for frequent Tapatalk users, but I personally wish it could be replaced with Hangouts or Chrome. Minimal Ribbon is $1.15 on the Play Store, and was created by Fabian Cruz.

Holozoop by Vertumus provides almost every bit of information you could want or need in one extremely versatile package. Time, date, battery, extended forecast, upcoming alarms, missed calls, texts, emails, events, day of the week, data usage, up time, free storage space. You name it – Holozoop has you covered. The widget looks especially at home on a tablet’s large screen, but graces a phone just as elegantly. Better yet, a lock screen widget is also thrown in. The widget itself can be pieced together in several parts, meaning you can use the whole package, or pick and choose. Transparent and a Google Now styled card theme – in both black and white – are your theme options. With everything you’re getting, the price of $.99 is chump change in comparison, and absolutely worth throwing the developer’s way. Zooper Widget Pro is needed for this one, and the Play Store link for Holozoop is right about…here.

Cyrcle has garnered quite a bit of attention lately, for good reason. I’ve been rocking it in my app drawer for about a day now, and I find myself enjoying it more and more, despite my usual dislike of colorful and vibrant icons. There are over 1,500 icons in this set, as well as icons masking for those few apps not included. As you can see from my above screenshots, apps like Ayakashi and GBC A.D. blend in somewhat well with the included icons, but can still be picked out if you’re really looking. 32 HD wallpapers and 9 docks specifically for Nova launcher are included as well. Icon requests are easy, and can be done straight through the app itself. Developer djskarpia has an adorable Christmas version of Cyrcle for those looking to make their devices a bit more festive, and a set of 7 widgets inspired by Cyrcle was created by Infinite Designs. Cyrcle, both the normal and Christmas versions, is available on the Play Store, for $1.89 and $1.00 respectively. themers roundupI don’t know why it took my so long to stumble across Lucent Remix Icons. But goodness, am I glad I did. Developer vanessaem wows us yet again with this one, bringing over 400 semi-transparent icons and 4 HD wallpapers. The original icon pack, Lucent, is a lighter version for those that want a brighter and fresher look. Better yet, both Lucent and Lucent Remix are free downloads. There’s no reason not to snatch this one up. So what are you waiting for?

That’s a wrap up for Themer’s Roundup. Let us know your thoughts on everything featured in the comments below! Links for downloads/purchases can be found after the break below.

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The Essence | animoo | Free

Columnists | twaintyfour | Free


Holozoop | Vertumus | $.99

Minimal Ribbon | Fabian Cruz | $1.15

Cyrcle Widgets Zooper | Infinite Designs | Free



Cyrcle | djskarpia | $1.89

Xmas Cyrcle | djskarpia | $1.00

Lucent | vanessaem | Free

Lucent Remix | vanessaem | Free


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