OblivionDrone Theme by SolutionAll

Another week, another collection of themes, widgets and icons. Let’s get right to it. First up is SolutionAll’s Oblivion Drone theme. It’s enough to make the sci-fi nerd in me squeal, and I’ll freely admit that I set my phone up with it almost immediately. Comprised of playful widgets for calls, SMS, camera, and file management, it’s a gorgeous and unique setup that I haven’t seen the equal to. UCCW is needed for this theme, and the creator uses Nova launcher with a grid size of 11 x 11. However, he did mention that he uses this theme on a Galaxy Tab 2, so you may have to fiddle with that grid to get the right ratio for your device. All the files needed can be found here. While you’re at it, take a look at his other themes. They’re all excellent.

This next theme has HOLOYOLO written all over it. Created by Alex Pastor, what struck me most about this set up is the fact that he’s utilizing icons. I’ve run into the problem many times where I absolutely love a theme, but get frustrated by the limitations imposed by preset app shortcuts. This theme is simple, sleek, and has all important information such as time, date and weather right at your fingertips. This theme is published on Buzz, and the creator also has a gorgeous Honeycomb-style theme available, and both a light and dark themed Quick Settings theme.

Circles Clock UCCWFirst up for widgets is the Circles Clock by dgdesigns. While it may seem like a simple – though strikingly beautiful – clock, the advantage here is the extensive amount of color options. As of now, there are over 15 different styles, including a set of 5 ‘Electric Series’, that are bright and lively. Date and time are, of course, displayed, as well as both a percentage and circular bar showing your current battery status. Circle Weather, also by dgdesigns, makes a great companion to this widget. Circles Clock is available for $1.40 on the Play Store.

Weather Cards UCCW

Weather Cards UCCW by rgarzamarcos is whimsical and fun, while still maintaining functionality and customization. The weather status window is quirky and the color displayed, while blue as a default, can be changed to any color you wish. There are hotspots abound, for alarm clock, date, calls, SMS, email, battery and, of course, weather. The 3D effect of the corners really makes it pop on your homescreen. For only $1.02 on the Play Store, it’s a steal, and rgarzamarcos makes numerous other widgets that are all equally as unique.

FlatCons White

FlatCons have been a staple on my homescreens for quite awhile, and with good reason. Over 230 icons are here, and it’s supported by Apex, Nova, Holo and ADW launchers, with most other third-party launchers also working. The developer, arandompackage, has scaled them to 144 x 144, so they’ll look just as wonderful on tablets, high resolution displays, and small screens. The developer also creates the same icons in black, red, blue, and purple. All of the icon packs are available as a free download, aside from black, which will run you $1.00.

FlatDroid Icons

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, FlatDroid has you covered. Drawing inspiration from Google, it features over 500 icons, and comes with several wallpapers, skins, and custom fonts. Apex, Nova, Go, and Holo launchers are all able to utilize this icon pack. Thus far, this is the only icon pack that developer Fraom has released, but I hope to see more in the future, as FlatDroid shows that he does excellent work. He also updates quite often, so you can expect tweaks and added icons, wallpapers and fonts to come along fairly frequently. FlatDroid is available for download on the Play Store for $1.17.

That’s the Themer’s Roundup for this week. Now go make your phone look gorgeous, and feel free to share some screenshots with us in the comments below!

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Oblivion Drone Theme | SolutionAll | Free

Simple Theme | Alex Pastor | Free


Circles Clock | dgdesigns | $1.40

Weather Cards UCCW | rgarzamarcos | $1.02

Icon Packs

FlatCons | arandompackage | White Blue Red Purple Black | Free (Black $1.00)

FlatDroid | Fraom | $1.17


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