Flat'nClean MyColorScreenTo start off Themer’s Roundup this week, we have Flat’NClean Theme by DanieleDeBlasi, composed of 5 home screens, a lock screen, plus an included icon pack. The main screen features your normal clock and icons for phone, texts, and email, which will indicate when you have a new notification. A screen for the calendar and any upcoming appointments is next, followed by weather, and then music. Lastly, a screen dedicated to data connection, with changing icons based on your source, and usage monitoring. The creator shows off the theme over both black and white backgrounds, though I think dark is the way to go, and not just because of battery life. Zooper Widget Pro and WidgetLocker are necessary for this theme, as well as a launcher which supports custom grid sizes (such as Apex or Nova Launcher). Should you want album art for the music screen, go ahead and download Media Utilities as well. All the files needed for Flat’NCLean can be found here, along with instructions on how to set it up.

Timeline MyColorScreenGaRyArTs is back again with another winner, in Timeline. In a time when almost every new screen published on MyColorScreen is ho-hum, same old stuff, Timeline is a theme which gives the community a breath of fresh air. Splashes of bright color, on an otherwise simple setup, draws your eye in. There’s quick access to the browser and camera, and a second screen features a music widget. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this theme show up on Themer within the next few weeks, but in the meantime, installation instructions and files are available here.

Holo Text ClockThere are not nearly enough unique clock widgets available in the Play Store. Holo Text Clock aims to solve that dilemma, using a grid of random letters, some of which are illuminated, to spell out phrases such as, ‘It is twenty past three’ or, ‘It is six o’clock’. Because the widget only tells time to the nearest 5 minutes, 4 small lights below the grid indicate how many minutes should be added to the current time. For example, if the time reads, ‘It is five past seven,’ and there are 3 of 4 lights illuminated, it is 7:08. The widget comes in seven different color schemes: Holo Dark, Holo Light, Holo Blue, Holo Violet, Holo Green, Holo Orange and Holo Red. Both the transparency of the clock and the shortcut can be customized. Even better, the app can be used as a Daydream. Holo Text Clock is $0.99 on the Play Store.

Peek IconsPeek Icons are probably the best and most distinct icons I’ve come across in quite a long time. Utilizing screenshots of the actual apps in question, creator Jack Donegan put together 90 icons, creating his first ever icon pack which, as the name suggests, offers a peek into the app right from the icon. I actually came across the icons and creator on Reddit, and he shared with me a bit of his inspiration for Peek:

“I really like this trend of seeing imagery being used in icons, but at times the images used would be irrelevant to the app. From this, I thought that using elements from a screenshot of the app would be a great way to bring subtle imagery, which is also relevant to the app.”

As of right now, Jack is only able to provide a downloadable folder of the PNG files for the icons, which can still easily be applied to your phone using a launcher. I had success using Apex, and it only took me a minute or two longer to set it up than normal. Given that this is Jack’s first time creating an icon pack, it’s understandable that it’s also his first time attempting to create an application, but he’s assured me that despite the difficulties he’s running into, he has no plans of giving up on making Peek a full icon pack, and that more icons are incoming. In the meantime, that downloadable folder I mentioned earlier can be found here.

Cardstock IconsTo wrap us up, here’s Cardstock Icons. Personally, my favorite aspect of this icon pack is the fact that, while colorful, the colors used are not overly vibrant and bright, which allows them to be used with a variety of different backgrounds and themes, without overwhelming or detracting from the overall look. There are over 440 icons to be had here, and the dev has also thrown in 13 wallpapers. Spectra Icon Pack, also by dev artvandelay440, is just as well done, and may be better to go with if you’re a fan of circular icons, rather than squared. Both Cardstock and Spectra can be had for $1.79 on the Play Store.

Thanks again for joining us for the Themer’s Roundup! As always, download links for everything featured can be found below, and feel welcome to leave any suggestions for applications and themes we should take a look at.

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Flat’NClean | DanieleDeBlasi | Free

Timeline | GaRyArTs | Free


Holo Text Clock | Matthias | $.99

Icon Packs

Peek Icon Pack | Jack Donegan | Free

Cardstock Icons | artvandelay440 | $1.79

Spectra Icons | artvandelay440 | $1.79

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