Secret Home by empol

There’s unlimited possibilities when it comes to making your phone look absolutely awesome. With so many launchers available, coupled with community-created icons, widgets, and themes, you can change your entire setup every day of the week. There’s no better feeling than unlocking your phone and having people around you ask, “How did you do that? That looks amazing! How come my phone doesn’t look like that?” And I’m here to give you a few recommendations if you’ve been stuck on the simple stock experience. Together, let’s make your phone as sleek and sexy as it deserves to be.

Cell Android Homescreen by Burro

First up, we have Cell Android Homescreen by Burro, a dark, very Honeycomb-esque theme. It features switches that allow you to choose between groups of applications, such as social media or productivity. Swiping up reveals a hidden info bar. Popup Widget, the paid version of ssLauncher and Zooper Widget Pro are all required to set this screen up.

Secret Home

Secret Home by empol allows you to have a clean, minimalist setup, without sacrificing the convenience of quick access to apps and important info. Swiping from the left reveals quick controls, missed calls and text messages. There’s a special section for social apps, such as G+ and Twitter. Another app tab is right above a very simple and beautiful music widget. Swiping from the right reveals a much smaller drawer, complete with current temperature and weather conditions, the date, and battery life. Your app drawer access is tucked at the very bottom.

If you’re not wanting a complete screen overhaul, nice looking widgets and well-crafted icons can still give your phone a quick refresh, and completely change the tone of your design. From left to right above, we have Minarch for Zooper, Ico.Pack, and Tendere Icon Pack. Minarch allows you to incorporate upcoming calendar events, while also displaying the current time, date, weather and battery status, all as a free download. I loved the look of it so much, I’ve started using it on my own device, as you can see above. Ico.Pack is available for $.99 for Nova, Apex, GoLauncher, and ADW. Developer Jinesh Shah produced several different colored versions of many of the 444 icons, enabling the ability to match your icons to your wallpaper. Finally, Tendere, for $1.55 on the Play Store, shakes things up with rectangular-shaped icons and excellent shadowing, complete with 9 abstract wallpapers.

Have any recommendations for some nice, mind-blowing themes, widgets, or icons? Throw out your suggestions in the comments below, while you’re waiting for your new homescreen themes to finish downloading.


Cell by Burro | Secret Home by empol | Minarch for Zooper | Ico.Pack ($.99) | Tendere ($1.55)

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  1. FILA

    I like that secret home, I havent seen that one yet, Im going to have to try this. Thanks!


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