This has been a fun week as all of us Google heads expressed our love or hate over Google wanting to get into everything. Perhaps we Buzzed about it? Get caught up on all of the recent events after the break!


Pictures of the HTC Legend surfaced, and then there was some more. The HTC Scorpion leaked in a recent build file. The Xperia X10 is toship with Android 1.6 (update to soon follow). The Motorola Devour could be launching early. Or on March 15th. The Backflip could be coming to AT&T in early March. T-Mobile releases a new MyTouch 3G. We got some specs on the Acer E110 and some more pics and specs of the Dell Mini 5. Here is a V-Day special on one of our staffer’s love for the G1. The 3G issue with the Nexus One could be hardware flaw(Oh noes!).

Android OS

Motorolla annouced that the Droid will be receiving 2.1 updates this week, and then said “Just kidding!” And then they dropped update dates for all devices. Myriad announced a faster Dalvik turbo for faster applications! The next codename to follow Froyo was dropped in a Googler’s blog. Pocketgamer ponders what could be the biggest hurdle for Android gaming. The Cliq could be getting 2.1 soon.

ROMs and hacks.

OpenEclair updated to v1.1.5, then stepped up to 1.2.1 and is officially supported here on AndroidSpin. Give your G1 wings with 780Mhz overclocking. Give DumbestCrayon your opinion on what you want to see in the Nexus ROM builder. Cyanogen gave us a stable Nexus 5.0.2 ROM.


Google is working on phone-to-phone language translation. The SenseUI from HTC could be getting more multi-touch in the next update. Tethering is now available for free and for non rooted phones.


T-Mobile partnered with another company, Swype, to better their Android offering even more. Verizon seems to be ignoring women in their advertising. T-Mobile has requested G1 users to assist with a closed public beta.


Google announced Buzz, and here’s a guide explaining it. They also want to bring you the internet. And Google dropped the equipment recovery fee on the Nexus One while giving it over the phone support.


OpenEclair v1.1.1 – by Gibbon
Home++ – by Alex Hamilton
The Fender MyTouch – By Ray Poole

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