When it come to premium devices and flagship quality phones, phone makers devices, much like automobile manufacturers, are expected to have a certain feel to them.

If you are paying for quality then you expect a sense of refinment in the design, smooth edges, sharp detail, and premium materials to be used as the base of the build. Metal, glass, and wood.

Most phone hardware companies have at least one model that meets these criteria but when it comes to cases, while there are premium priced brands out there, no one has been able to bring a case to market that, in my opinion, doesn’t distract from or completely destroy the beauty of today’s headliner Phones.

I have always felt that if you own a flagship device, my preference is Samsung, then putting a case on it is like putting a vinyl bra on a Lamborghini, it’s an insult to yours and the designers sense of refinment.

But Lucky for us there is a manufacturer out there who feels the same, and is fighting the battle of the case bulk, and winning.

Meet Toast, founded in 2013 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Toast is not your normal case company the have revolutionary products that enhance your devices. Watch out ‘Bever’ box, because you have now some stiff competition.

Toast is an eco-friendly maker of wood veneers and real leather jackets for all sorts of devices, and they have just released their line of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Seeking to add a touch of class to one of the most eye-catching devices of the season, the laser cut, precision, wood veneers are available in three colors, dark reclaimed Ebony, Pale Ash, and Robust Walnut. Unlike Normal cases that tout how indestructible their designs are, Toast, takes a different approach, even letting you know in their FAQs that, their cases, with their multi layered hand applied finishes, toast veneers will protect from minor abuses such as, “drops, bumps, dinks, donks, nicks, norks, skrinkles, and scratches,” but are in no way water proof, microwave proof, fire or shatter proof, but thanks to it’s 3M adhesive system it will keep out dust and debris that normal cases can’t stop.

That being said however, what you sacrifice in ‘Proofing’ you make up for in Beauty and Cost. While still giving your device a higher level of protection than no case at all, and actually adding to the aesthetics and originality of your device. All while still giving you seamless access toall your ports, even the SIM/SD slot and SPen recepticle.

Toast offers full customization options for most of their lines including custom factory laser etched images and text and other additions such as the screen bumper which is not supplied with the base price.

Toast cases are made from FSC real wood veneers, and made for one time, long term, application directly to your device with a special 3M brand adhesive backing, that is guaranteed to leave no residue should you ever want to remove the veneer. There are even bumpers for the screen and buttons, and camera surrounds, to offer the maximum level of not just protection, but seemless, natural, beauty.

Toast is also so green they put other companies to shame. They donate a full 1% of their net profit to renewable charities, and for every product sold they plant a tree. They don’t use any plastic and all products are biodegradable.

So this case, it’s got class, adds beauty, gives a sense of natural refinment rather than making my device feel and look like a brick, but what will it cost me? This may be the best part, the base veneer will run you $34usd you can add the screen bumper for just $10usd and then custom text and images for $5usd a piece.

There is no other product in the market right now like this, and as far as this writer is concerned, I’m going to order one for my Galaxy S8+ as soon as I place this final period.

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