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Hardware has a lifespan.  That lifespan is something we try to prolong as long as possible. Nobody likes spending money if there’s another way to prevent it. The manufacturers try to persuade us that we should simply scrap our old technology and upgrade to the latest and greatest and pour out a long list of enhancements that will make our life better.  Generally they add some pretty cool upgrades to their devices from the latest and greatest processor and camera optics to finger print scanners and larger batteries.  The question is; if you just upgraded your software to the latest and greatest versions, would that leap to a new device be significant enough to persuade you?  Maybe ezKAT for the Samsung Galaxy Note II will help you decide.

This is especially so for cell phone manufacturers who want us to upgrade our devices a maximum of every two years.  The normal cycle nowadays seems to be more around 12 months if we are lucky.

Enter the Android community and vast resource of geeks who love to tinker!

So when the community gets together and takes the new features and ports them back into our older devices so they can last a little longer, we all smile and say a big thanks.

Head over to XDA-Developers and you’ll find an overwhelming resource of updates, modifications and tweaks for almost every phone on the planet.

I spend half my life on XDA and that’s where my latest upgrade to my aging Samsung Galaxy Note II came from.

My Note II is now more of a hybrid of Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S5 with features galore.  It’s running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and it has a completely new lease of life that makes me question upgrading my faithful Note II.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note II from AT&T, T-Mobile or the N7105, then you should read on.


Samsung Galaxy Note2 ezKAT Home Screen


Where did this all come from you may ask?  well, XDA-Developers is simply a hub of information and only exists due to the rapidly expanding community of developers and users.  The developer of this particular firmware is eZdubzitmk4.  One of the top developers I’ve had the pleasure of following.  his work is meticulous and the support he provides is as good as it can possibly get.

eZdubzitmk4 has put together a custom ROM by the name of ezKAT which is based off the official n7105 Android kitkat 4.4.2 release.  He took the base, various applications, settings and tweaks from the Samsung Galaxy Note III and the Samsung Galaxy S5 and combines them into this piece of art.

When release it had the following feature list:

  • All n3 features including Air Command
  • S5 apps including settings
  • Quick reply text option. (Go to sms settings then notifications)
  • Status bar gradient colors, clock mods, gesture controls, and battery bar (SEE THIS THREAD FOR INSTRUCTIONS)
  • Clock mods – see above link
  • Network Speed
  • CPU status in notification pulldown
  • MIUI battery bar customizable
  • Some tweaks for speed, more to come also
  • Added lots of themes for the launcher, already installed

The ROM is currently at version 2.0 and a 2.5 release is due any day.


Samsung Galaxy Note2 ezKAT Air Command


This is only the beginning as more and more add-ons and tweaks are provided in the thread on XDA and as downloads added by eZdubzitmk4 himself.

Installation is fairly simple with only a couple of learnt lessons to deal with, but once you’re done, you’ll never look back.

You need to be flash savvy to perform any procedures like this.  Your phone needs to be rooted and have a modified recovery installed.  You can find lots of help on XDA to achieve this.

All the files required for this firmware and add-ons can be found on XDA.  Most of the main ones can be found in the ezKAT thread.

The steps for installation are: ( Sorry if I missed anything )

  • Download the ROM ZIP and other suggested files and copy them your SD card
  • Reboot into your recovery program.
  • Backup your existing ROM.
  • Wipe everything you can.  Dalvik, Cache, System, Data, etc.  Multiple wipes can sometimes help you out too.
  • Flash the ROM ZIP file using your recovery program.
  • Flash the provided Keyboard Fix OR Galaxy S5 Keyboard
  • Flash a new modem image if required.
  • Reboot your phone and let it boot completely.
  • At this point, you may or may not have a keyboard to type with.  It’s possible you’ll only have Google Voice Typing available.
    If you only have Google Voice Typing, skip through the initial setup, as you won’t be able to sign into your WiFi.
    Once you’re completely booted, go into Settings –> Language and Input and enable a real keyboard.
  • Now you need to go and set up your APN to get connected to your mobile network.
  • Reboot into recovery once more and flash Super SU 1.99 to give you root access.

If you encounter any other issues along the way, be sure to go check in at the thread on XDA and you’ll normally find answers to most of the questions and problems that you may encounter.

Samsung Galaxy Note2 ezKAT About

Here are the recommended AT&T LTE APN Settings:

  • Name: ATT Phone
  • APN: Phone
  • MMSC: HTTP://
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 80
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 410
  • APN type: default,mms,supl
  • APN protocol: IPv4
  • Enable/disable APN: APN enabled
  • Bearer: Unspecified

If you have issues connecting to your Mobile network, you can find plenty of other resources around for setting up your APN.

Now your phone is running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat in the form of ezKAT and you’ll have awesome performance and battery life and your phone will feel like it has a new lease on life.

Samsung Galaxy Note2 ezKAT Battery Life

Once your up and running, head back to XDA and check out all the add-ons you can flash on top of ezKAT and continue to personalize your phone just the way you want it.  There are other S5 applications you can install, one of my favorites being the Galaxy S5 email client.  It has all the whiz bang new features like being able to slide your emails to delete them.

The possibilities are endless.  There’s also a new kernel from AGNi that solves various issues with some devices not getting good or any Wifi at all.  The other big added benefit is even more battery life and tweaking.

Samsung Galaxy Note2 ezKAT QuickToggles   Samsung Galaxy Note2 ezKAT Settings   Samsung Galaxy Note2 ezKAT Home Screen Lock Screen
There are also many caveats that go along with customizing your phone with new Recovery images, Firmware and Kernels.  All I can say is “Read, read and read again”.  Make sure you’re clear about the path you want to take. Make sure you understand what you are doing.  Doing some of these steps incorrectly can result in bricked devices that are no good for anything, but that doesn’t happen very often anymore.

If you’re not sure about something and you can’t find an answer reading through the forums, ask questions and wait for the answers.  The support you’ll get from the community and from eZdubzitmk4, the developer of this ROM, is nothing short of outstanding.  You’ll get more support from the community and these guys than you ever will get from your carriers.

Always remember that these guys and gals do this for free and out of the passion for the community.  Remember to thank people and even donate a few dollars to buy them a beer if you really love their work.

13 Responses

  1. TrulyGrateful86

    I was able to achieve a 1 day 10 hours 6 minutes and 3 seconds of battery life before I had to plug it in to avoid it powering down. That was with normal use. To say it gives this phone a new lease on life is truly an understatement. It’s as if it transformed into it’s final form.

      • Simon N. Walker

        It does depend on how everyone uses their phone, but I’m a heavy user and easily get a full day, and I was using the stock Kernel. I just installed the AGNi Kernel last night so I’ll give it a couple of days and see what difference it made.

      • TrulyGrateful86

        Normal use being I used GPS to make two trips, I streamed music the entire trip each time. I used it to read about the rom updates in the near future. It should also be pointed out that I installed apps from the market, and was using Youtube as well. I should have mentioned that it was heavier than normal use compared to my 4.3 rom since I had just flashed it and was excited to see what it could do. If you haven’t tried this rom yet, you are SERIOUSLY missing out on an amazing experience. I will post a screen shot when my phone dies this time, but I have had over 2 days on this last charge with the phone set to a conservative setting.

        Simon I have read they have got the UPSM working on the international version of the device and we can look forward to it being included in the 2.5 update arriving soon. I think everyone who uses this rom should donate something, even if its a quarter.

      • TrulyGrateful86

        I forgot to mention on my previous rom, on the most conservative settings available I would NEVER see 24 hours of battery life with “normal” use.

  2. Joe Lee

    I have ezkat on phone now and have noticed few bugs with features like toolbox, private mode and one hand keyboard is there a fix for them at this time?


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