Oh the slide out keyboard. It was there when the G1 came out, any many other splendid Android devices with keyboards soon followed. I even got myself the G2 which had that dreaded hinge keyboard. Was not the best idea HTC came up with. Well how about we bring it back old school? And turn your Galaxy S4 into a slide out keyboard awesome device.

This Bluetooth keyboard attaches to your Galaxy S4 like a case, and connects to it via Bluetooth. It does hold a whopping 2800 mah battery, which you can shut off at anytime to perserve the battery. The keyboard has built in LED, so you will be able to type those long romantic texts to your significant other in the dark.

If you feel like grabbing one to bring some nostalgia to your S4, click the link below and head over to the Hypercel page. The keyboards run at $80, which is not too bad, but maybe a little overpriced. Let us know if you picked one up.


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  1. FILA

    The G2! I was gonna buy it when it came out, October 2010. I even made it to RadioShack that evening because Radioshack was the first one to have it in stock or something like that, played with it…until…that Z hinge, oh god, why did they do that!!! You lay in bed and the screen would close. I never bought that phone for that very reason, also cuz it didnt have a front facing camera either. I settled for the MyTouch 4G a month later with the front facing camera. Of course I stocked it out thou! The G2 will remain thou a legend like the G1, great phones. Times was exciting then, wish I could go back

  2. Monique


    I just picked one up yesterday from eBay and I’m getting used to it. My hands are a bit small so it takes some stretching. I like how I can turn it off when I don’t feel like using it. Having the screen lifted also helps to when i position my fingers to type and grip.
    I would recommend this if you miss having actual buttons to type with. I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t want your phone to look super bulky.

    • rosa

      does the screen rotate to landscape when this keyboard slides out?
      how long batteries (phone and keyboard) last with bluetooth constantly on? (working/standby but ready to type)


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