This week is a big a big week for the Google Play Store as it has turned 3 years old. When a something from Google has a birthday that generally means users get some pretty awesome things for discounted prices or for free. The other day I linked out some apps that were on sale in celebration but I knew there would be more to come. If you are a US resident, then you have a free HD movie waiting to be added to your collection if you do so desire, Transformers.

Transformers HD

Yes, the first one, but still a pretty good movie. I won’t get into any battles over plots, actors, Michael Bay or explosions. I still watch all the Transformer movies every couple of months and still get some enjoyment out of them, especially when watching them with my 4-year-old son. To grab the movie head to the Play Store and simply hit buy on the free title that is available for your locale. I am hearing Fast and Furious for Brazil / UK / India and Fast and Furious 4 for France. There are also a ton of movies on sale too.

Google Play Store HD movie sale page 


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