moto gThe new Motorola Moto G has been garnering plenty of attention the last few days as it becomes available in America and very positive reviews have been rolling in. While the hardware of the device appears to be impressive put together, there is of course the question of how durable the whole package is. One man on YouTube, Burl Solomons, has taken it upon himself to test exactly how durable the new Moto G is through a series of tests including a scratch test, a water drop test and, yes, you guessed it: a test where the Moto G is driven over by a car. Check out the cringe-tastic video of the phone being rolled over by a Volkswagen Beetle below:

If you watched the video to the end, you will see that the Moto G fails to switch on after being run over. Is that the end for this Moto G? Of course not. In a second video, Solomons goes on to reiterate that a water drop test was done prior to the car test and that the phone had not completely been dried on. Watch that second video here:

And if you watch right to the end of the second video, you’ll see that the phone has full recovered its digitizer capabilities. While the test was easier than you’re led to believe (the towel beneath the phone during the car test would have helped immensely), the fact that the Moto G still survived the water drop test as well as it did is still a great achievement seeing as the phone only costs at most $199 for the 16GB version. Still think the Moto G doesn’t have what it takes?

What do you think about these videos? Think they give a good indication of how durable the Moto G is? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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