Imoport Google+ videos

You can now import your Google+ videos to your YouTube Channel

Recently we heard that Google was working to make it possible for users to import their Google+ shared videos to their YouTube channels. The process is now officially available for those of you who want to get it started.   The whole process is pretty simple, as the little...
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LG G3 will be LG's first smartphone to sell over 10 million handsets

The LG G3 will be LG’s first smartphone to sell over 10 million handsets

If you were ever wondering exactly how well the LG G3 has been doing for its manufacturer, LG, you need not look past this news courtesy of The Korea Times. According to the Times, the LG G3 is on track to sell 10 million handsets, the first of LG’s smartphones to achieve the feat....
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Plants vs. Zombies Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbuds

Limited Edition Plants vs. Zombies Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbuds will make you hunger for flesh

Love Plants vs. Zombies? Need earbuds? Maybe these Plants vs. Zombies Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbuds might just be the product you have been looking for. Not interested in earbuds? Have no fear as Skullcandy and Astro Gaming are going to be creating a whole line of devices inspired by...
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OnePlus One is on Fire! T-Mobile continues to Change the Carrier Game! – ManDroid Daily

Happy Tuesday Android friends. The ManDroid Daily is here to give you that quick news. The OnePlus One is on fire, and not in a good way. Guess those 24 hour invites got to this lucky guy’s device. T-Mobile continues to change the carrier game, and we love them for doing it. Enjoy...
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CYSPO OmniStation

The CYSPO OmniStation is able to charge any, and all, of your devices at once

I like the idea of charging stations, however, a big gripe I have is that they don’t have enough scalability. Sure, it can charge the small number of devices you have, but have a few friends over and before long, they’ll be combing your place for a free power socket. Not so...
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[Download] Google News and Weather Gets a Random Material Design Update

Google News and Weather. It’s an app that comes standard on any Android ROM, and many of you probably don’t use it that much. It has been there since the beginning, and even though it was never popular enough for Google to have standalone updates, it remained as part of the...
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Degauss Labs Dual Drivers

The Degauss Labs Dual Drivers in-earphones brings full mobile functionality and high fidelity sound

A big gripe of mine when I review audio products that claim “mobile compatibility” is that they often only offer a token effort – usually only a microphone and an answer call button. This is only a small part of what is possible with in-line controls, and that’s...
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T-Mobile will ‘Double your data’ when you add a tablet starting September 3rd

Oh look, more outstanding news from T-Mobile. Just a bit ago we told you about the new Family Plan offerings that let you put up to 10 lines on one account for just $10 per line. They also made sure to point out that they are keeping the data as a per-line basis rather than silly share...
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T-Mobile logo

T-Mobile continues the Uncarrier push with new 10 line Family Plan ews

Yesterday T-Mobile announced that they were offering 2GB of 4G LTE data for the Simple Starter customers for just $5 more a month starting September 3rd. Today T-mobile has made another announcement, this time centered around their Family Plan offerings. Starting tomorrow, August 27th,...
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Chromecast Apps

NPR One and WatchABC toss in Chromecast streaming Support

The $35 media stick from Google, the Chromecast, keeps gaining more and more supported apps. In the beginning it was pretty easy to keep up with them all. After Google released the API and SDK to the developer world, the number of apps that take advantage of the media has grown steadily....
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Nexus 6 Actually Nexus X?! LG G-Watch 2 is Beautifully Round! – ManDroid Daily

Monday is over, so time to check out what is happening in the Android world. Seems that the next Nexus phone might be called the Nexus X, as opposed to Nexus 6. Makes sense, given the name “Nexus 6″ has been used in a little book, that was then adapted to a movie called Blade...
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