Lithium-sulfur batteries

Lithium-sulfur batteries could be a reality soon, pack in 5 to 8 times more capacity

The humble lithium-ion battery has become an extremely familiar fixture in our daily lives. Essentially all our portable devices are powered by them – smartphones, tablets, smartwatches – however we’ve pretty much reached the technological limit of what they are capable...
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OnePlus talks about its new pre-order system, calls the invite system “a blessing”

We knew it was coming, but OnePlus has started a blog to talk about exactly why they are migrating to a pre-order system from their much-maligned invite system. In what may come as a shock to everyone who opposed the invite system, press and consumers alike, OnePlus has said that “the...
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Android L for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4

Android L for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 may be available as soon as November/December

When you think of timely software updates, Samsung isn’t typically one of the manufacturers who’s name comes up first. However, if today’s rumour is true, Samsung may be one of the first to make available Android L for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. This rumour...
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Note 4

Samsung guarantees $200 total trade-in if you pre-order a Galaxy Note 4

I know, I am sure you are all sick of Samsung news by now. Not my fault that they have a bunch of stuff hitting the wire. Kind of like all the Amazon stuff last night. In the press release from Samsung outlining the device along with the announcement of the Galaxy Note 4 hitting the US...
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Android L for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4

T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon also confirm Galaxy Note 4 pricing details and pre-order dates

Seems the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has received a rather well-timed set of announcements from all the major carriers. Some are a bit more up front and open about details than others. T-Mobile will start pre-orders on September 24th at 9 a.m. Pricing is set at $0 down with $31.24 a month...
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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Sprint announces pricing and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

We have known the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was coming to all major US carriers eventually. October was the pegged timeline for it to hit. Now Sprint is actively offering up their release date as October 17th. Along side the date they have also kicked out the pricing details. If you rock...
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Star Wars Commander

Disney launches Star Wars: Commander combat strategy game for Android

Since Disney picked up Lucasfilm back in 2012, they have taken over all things Star Wars. For better or for worse, Disney has produce two prior Star Wars themed titles that are available for Android; Star Wars: Assault Team – a strategy card based style game and Star Wars: Tiny...
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New Oppo N3 Render! Amazon Announces New Fire Devices! – ManDroid Daily

The ManDroid Daily is here for you my friends, and hopefully it satisfies your Android needs. Amazon decided to announce some new products that are sure to aim to impress. A new Oppo N3 render surfaced that seems to be a little more legit than the last render we got. Your guess is as...
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Amazon Fire tablets Fire OS 4 Sangria

Amazon introduces Fire OS 4 “Sangria”, launches with all new Fire tablet line with updates for previous tablets on its way

Ok, so we have somewhat gotten through the Fire HD, the Fire HD Kids Edition and the Fire HDX 8.9. You might have noticed that they ditched the ‘Kindle’ branding, that took a few looks to get straight. Along with the three new tablets comes a fairly major update to the Fire...
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Fire HD

Amazon announces new Fire HD tablet in five colors, two screen sizes and starts at $99

So far you have seen the new Fire HDX and the Fire HD Kids Edition. Here is the all new Fire HD. It packs in a lot of the same features are the Fire HD Kids Edition minus the case, worry free guarantee and 1-year of FreeTime Unlimited. As you can see, the Fire HD this year pulls out...
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all-new Fire HDX 8.9

Amazon announces all-new Fire HDX 8.9 with 2.5GHz Snapdragon 805

We suspected it was coming, and now it is finally here. Months of speculation have ended after Amazon announced its follow-up to last year’s Fire HDX 8.9 with an all-new Fire HDX 8.9, boasting some very premium hardware. Chief among these is the processor, a Snapdragon 805 clocked...
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