Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher now available to all devices with Android 4.1+

The Google Now Launcher has previously been an exclusive party for the Google Nexus and Google Play edition devices to frolic in, but today that changed. Google Now Launcher is now available to download from the Play Store for all devices with Android 4.1 or higher, which by now (according...
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Google Photos

Google Photos may be spun off from Google+ as a standalone App

Google Photos is a very cool service; just the other day, I rediscovered how good it was when it prompted me to take a look at a few stories it had prepared from my holidays earlier in the year. A downside to Google Photos, that isn’t really an issue for Android users, is that it...
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SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card class 10

SanDisk 128GB Micro SDXC cards on sale for $99

Back in February SanDisk announced their new 128GB Micro SDXC card. When it launched it started out at a hefty $199.99 and has since seen a variety of sale price tags and is now at the lowest sale price I have personally seen, $99.99. We had a chance to review the card and it performed...
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Samsung Galaxy S5

Verizon and T-Mobile Galaxy S5 get new OTA Updates

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S5 on either Verizon or T-Mobile, then be on the look out for an update that being pushed out to your device. Each update is a little different in terms of what it will bring to your device. On the T-Mobile side of things you can expect to be moved...
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Google Maps

El Salvador, Libya, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Tunisia get Google Maps Navigation

Slowly but surely Google services make their way across the globe. For those visiting other parts of the world, or those living in them who have navigational dilemmas, Google Maps Navigation can be a modern marvel. More locals have recently been introduced in Google Maps Navigation that...
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HP teams with Gilt

Hello there: HP teams with Gilt to design “a Michael Bastian smartwatch”

With the release of Android Wear, the benchmark for style in the smartwatch world would seem, by popular consensus, to be Motorola Moto 360. Well, there may be a new challenger to the arena, and its from a manufacturer you might not be expecting a smartwatch to come from. That manufacturer...
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Mini flagship devices

Surprise, surprise: Mini flagship devices are reporting lower than expected Sales

Those well versed in the smartphone market will know there is one type of device that is an obvious disappointment: mini flagship devices. Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony have all done it; after announcing their new flagship device, they quickly follow it up with a mini device that resembles...
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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Need a bulletproof shield? How about a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Instead

Many of us were confused by Samsung‘s move to release the Samsung Galaxy Mega line of devices, particularly the gargantuan Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. As it turns out, we now know exactly what it was made for (don’t quote me on that). A Chinese man has survived a gunshot thanks...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung to announce Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd, ahead of IFA 2014

Samsung has traditionally announced its new Galaxy Note devices around the time of the mobile convention, IFA, and it appears this year will be no different. The Korea Times is reporting that Samsung will indeed be announcing its next Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, on September...
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moto g available in india

Motorola Moto G price slashed by INR 2,000 in India

It looks like Motorola is feeling the heat from increasing popularity of Chinese smartphones in India. Consequently, it has reduced the Moto G price by INR 2,000 for a limited time. The 16GB variant is now available on Indian e-commerce site Flipkart for INR 11,999 while the 8GB version can...
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samsung q2 2014 earnings

Samsung Q2 2014 earnings show reduced profits as smartphone demand remains flat

Samsung Q2 2014 earnings were revealed in South Korea on Thursday, and though the company made a net profit 6.25 trillion Korean Won ($6.1 billion), the numbers also represented a stark decline of 19.6 percent from last year’s yield. In a statement, Samsung said that the weak...
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