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22Bet is a curacao licensed online casino with various sports to bet on, an online casino, a tote scheme, and even live betting. But, thanks to the 22bet mobile app, you can take the sportsbook with you wherever you go, on the train, at your friend’s house, to the bar. As long as you have an internet connection, you can make bets.

22bet APK Review

You can even be at the stadium and place a bet with the 22bet app. With no tax on your winnings, it’s understandable that many will wish to bet on their favourite team whenever possible.

But what is the app like? Is it better than the website? This article will be a review of the 22bet apk app with no tax.We’ll be your guide, helping you decide if this is the right sports betting app.

Basic information about the 22bet download

Below is a table of the basic information you may wish to know before getting the 22 bet download. APK stands for android package kit, and it’s the file type that will enable you to add the app to your phone without needing the Google Play Store. Feature APK

App File Size55.3MB
22bet apk app latest version22Bet v.16
Operation SystemAndroid 4-10
InstallationFree App

How to download 22bet app: a step-by-step guide on 22bet apk android

Unlike other betting apps, this one isn’t available on Google Play; however, you can still download 22bet for android.

If you want a 22bet app update, you will need to follow these instructions again when the update comes out.

1. Getting onto the website. To get the 22bet app download it from 22bet com. For some, this will be as easy as typing the address into their search bar.

2. Getting to the app. At the top of site 22bet, you will see an ” App ” button. This button should have the android logo on one side and the apple logo on the other.

Clicking on this button will allow you to download the 22bet app android. Those reading this article will almost certainly be android users, so the iOS download might not be useful to you.

3. Pick Android. From the two options presented before you, click the button that says “Download the Android app”. You will then be able to save the 22bet app free download apk on your computer.

If you are downloading the app directly onto your phone, steps 4 and 5 will not be helpful to you. However, some people may not like downloading from their phone’s web browser.

4. Getting the bet 22 apk from your computer to your phone. The next step is to send the 22 bet app apk from your computer to your phone. And there are multiple ways to do this.

Personally, I just emailed it to myself. However, you could also connect your phone to your computer with a cable. Another option would be to save it to a file storage device such as Google OneDrive.

  • If you are visiting the website from your phone and have downloaded the app, you do not need this item.*

5. Download 22bet app onto your phone. Once you’ve transferred the 22 bet app download it onto your phone. You may need to change the setting on your phone to download from places other than the Google Play Store. You may even get a warning message about the app, but we can promise you that the 22bet apk app is 100% safe.

Simply find the email, folder, or wherever you’ve sent the 22bet apk download for android to, and when you see a “Download” button, click it.

Once the file is installed, the 22bet app will be on your phone, ready to use.

How to create an account from the app apk

22bet apk download kenya

To create your account, you can either make it via 22bet.com on your computer or register on the 22bet mobile app. Below are instructions on how to create an account via the app:

  1. Open the app. After downloading, you should see a new app on your phone. This app is called “22Bet” and has a red and a green 2 in the logo.
  2. Get registered. Next, click the big green “Registration” button at the top of the page. This will take you to the registration form.
  3. The registration form. Like with any other app or website, you will need to enter some of your details to register an account. 22Bet wants to know your name, age, country, email address, and the currency you intend on using.
    Enter this information and press “Register”
  4. Confirm your email. After registering, you will need to confirm your email address. A verification link will be emailed to you; simply click it, and it’s done.
  5. You are now logged into the 22bet app. And you’re almost ready to play!

How to make a deposit in the app apk

Before you can play with the 22bet mobile app, you must add money to your account. Listed below are the instructions for depositing via the app.

In some circumstances, you can add money to your account via Mpesa or Airtel Money. However, we recommend using the options listed on the app as they are far easier and usually safer:

  1. Open the menu. At the bottom right of the app, you will see a button that says “Menu”. This button has three squares and a circle.
  2. Getting to the money. At the top of the “Menu” page, you will find a big green button that says “+ Deposit”. Click this option to decide how you wish to pay.
  3. Picking your payment method. One of the great things about 22bet is the variety of payment options.
    For most people, using a bank card is the best bet. You can use either Visa or Mastercard. Unfortunately, American Express is not available yet.

If you would rather pay using an e-wallet, you can pick between Skrill, Astropay, Perfect Money, Much Better, Jeton Wallet, Stic Pay, or Neteller.

The other payment option is cryptocurrency. 22Bet allows you to deposit using multiple crypto options, including bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, and many others.

  1. Making your payment.
    Transferring your money from your bank to your 22bet account depends on your chosen payment method. However you wish to pay, click on the way you want to use to receive instructions on what to do. Sometimes, it only asks for your email address; other times, you need to follow more instructions.

Sometimes, all you need to do is enter your details and select your amount. But other videos will provide an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to transfer your money into your 22bet account.

How to deposit using Mpesa

  1. Open the MPESA Menu.
    To use Mpesa, you will need to use Vodafone as your carrier since MPESA is a bank transfer service owned by Vodafone.

To access MPESA on your Vodafone phone, dial *334# to open the menu.

  1. Tell MPESA you want to use it to transfer money.
    On the initial MPESA menu, you will find a list of several options. However, the option you want is “Lipa Na MPESA”. By the way, this is Swahili for “Pay with MPESA”. However, if you’re in a country that uses MPESA, you probably know that already.
  2. Tell MPESA that you want to send money to 22bet.
    You will now need to enter 22Bet’s PayBill number, 895599. This tells MPESA that this is the account you wish to transfer money to.
  3. Finish transferring 22Bet’s details.
    Next, you will need to enter 22bet’s account number, 22BET.

Make sure you spell it out with capital letters. Otherwise, it may not work.

  1. Confirm the transaction.
    The final step is to confirm the transaction. This is done by entering your MPESA pin and clicking on “send” to ensure that this transaction is legitimate and consensual.

How to deposit via Airtel Money

If you live in India, you may have an Airtel SIM card in your phone. If you do, you could make a deposit on the 22bet india apk using Airtel Money. Here is our guide on how to do it.

  1. Open the airtel menu.
    Please note you can only do this if you have an airtel SIM card since AirTel money is owned by airtel telecoms.

To open the menu, dial *500#.

  1. Let Airtel money know you want to transfer money.
    When you open the menu, you will be presented with a menu. From this menu, select “Buy Goods” and then “Others”.
  2. Enter the correct details.
    You will then be asked the details about your intended payment. The details include the nickname of your payee, 22BET (make sure it’s in capital letters), the amount (which is up to you), and the reference- 22BET.
  3. Confirm the transaction.
    Before your money is sent, you need to confirm the transaction. You do this by entering your AirTel Pin.

How to claim your welcome bonus using the application

When you first create your 22bet account, you will be given a 100% first deposit bonus. If you deposit $10, you can play with $20.

It’s common for bookmakers to have similar deals; they are a great way to encourage people to sign up, as they can play with more money than they deposit.

To be eligible for this deal, you must ensure your first deposit is at least $1.50.

However, you don’t need to enter any codes to be eligible for the deal. Just add at least $1.50 to your account, and your deposit will double (if it’s your first one).

What other sports bonuses are there

As well as the welcome bonus, apk 22Bet also has a variety of other bonuses for their more loyal customers. Listed below are all the bonus offers they have for their sportsbook.

Type of bonus on apkOverview
Friday ReloadGet a 100% bonus of up to $100 when you bet on a Friday. You need to deposit at least $1, which can only be used on the sportsbook, not the 22bet casino app.
Losing bet bonusGet extra points if you lose 20 bets in a row. How many points you win depends on how much money you’ve lost. If you lose $2 on a single bet, you can get 3000 bonus points. But if you lose $10 on one bet, you can get up to 10,000 points.
Accumulator of the dayEvery day, 22Bet has a new daily accumulator. Bet on this to increase how much you could win.
Accumulator bet boostIf you have an accumulator bet with at least 7 bets, you can win points if one of your bets loses. You can win anywhere from 1000 to 5000 points depending on how much you’ve lost.

How to withdraw money from the 22Bet app apk

Once you’ve had your fun on the 22 bet mobile app, it’s time to take your money out and spend it. Now, what you spend it on is entirely up to you. Here is our guide on how to get that money from your 22bet account to your e-wallet.

  1. Go to settings.In your 22bet app apk, go to the settings page. Firstly, click “Menu”, located on the bottom right.
    You will see a little gear icon at the top right of the “Menu” page; this is the settings.
  2. Go to your profile. On the settings page, you will see three options: “Profile”, “Promo”, and “Profile”. Click on “Profile”.
  3. Withdraw your money. On the “Profile” page, in the middle, you will see a section that says “Account transactions”. Press “Withdraw”, which has a little symbol of a wallet with a minus symbol next to it.
  4. Select your method. You will then be taken to a page that lets you decide how you wish to withdraw your money. You can either withdraw into your e-wallet or crypto wallet. Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw using a bank card.
  5. Take the money out When you click your preferred method, you will be asked how much you wish to withdraw and whatever information 22bet needs to connect to your account.

For example, it might ask for your phone number, account ID, or email address.

To have quicker access to your money after taking it out from 22 bet, download your e-wallet official app.

How to make a bet in 22Bet apk

Making a bet in the Bet22 app is incredibly straightforward. Here is our guide on how to do it. Please note this section is betting on non-Live games. How to bet on live games will be in the following area:

  1. Find the game you want to bet on. There are several ways to find a suitable game for you. If you have a team you want to bet on, click on the magnifying glass and search for your team’s name.

Alternatively, you can also search by sport. Go to the “popular” page, and at the top, you will find a list of sports. Press “All”.

Here, you’re presented with a list of sports. At the top of the page, it says “Live”. Press this to change it to “Sports”.

Then, select the sport you want to bet on, and pick which league. From here, decide which game.

  1. Make your prediction.
    When you bet on 22Bet apk, there are many things you can bet on, including who will win, the number of penalties, the first to score, handicaps, and several other potential outcomes.

Just press on the prediction that you want to stake your money on.

  1. Make your bid.
    Enter the amount you wish to stake and press the big green “BET” button.

If you want to accumulate your bets, press “add to bet slip” instead. The chances of winning will be lower, but the payout will be much higher if you do win.

How to do LIVE betting in the 22bet app on Android

Live betting is remarkably similar to regular betting.

  1. Find the live game you want to bet on.
    On the “popular” page, click the “all” button at the top. You will be presented with a list of sports you can bet live on.

Select the sport you wish to bet on and then the championship.

From here, just pick your game.

  1. Make your prediction.
    Select what you wish to bet on. With the 22bet apk download, you can bet on the overall score and several other outcomes!
  2. Place your bet.
    Enter how much you wish to wager and press the big green “bet button”.

How to play the in-app casino

With the 22bet app on Android, you can play in the casino if you don’t want to bet on sports. And it’s easy to do.

  1. Go to the casino on apk.
    Press the “Menu” button on the bottom right of the app. At the top of this page, you will see the following options: Sports, casino, games, or other. Press Casino
  2. Decide what to play.
    You will now have to decide what casino game you wish to play. Your options are either select slots, live casino, TV Bet, or Other.

If you want to play along live, join the live casino, which has a library of games that allow you to play along as they happen.

But, if you want something more casual, 22Bet also has a fantastic selection of slot games. Just put your money in and hope for the best.

  1. Play
    Whichever game you choose, just select how much you wish to stake, and make your prediction (in some games).
    Best of luck!

How to bet on eSports

Some say that esports are “not real sports”, and maybe those people have a point. Nonetheless, they are still increasingly popular, and both players and betters are making plenty of money from them.

Here is how you can bet on esports on 22bet:

  1. Decide if you want to bet live or on future games.
    When you first open the 22bet apk app, you select “All” to view the list of sports. If you want to bet on live esports, go straight to step two.
    If you want to bet on future esports events, select “Live” to view the drop-down menu, and select “Sports’ ‘.
  2. Go to esports on apk.
    From the list of sports, find esports. Then, select which video game you want to bet on, and pick the match.
  3. Make your bet.
    Select your prediction, enter your stake, and press either the “BET” button or “Add to bet slip”.

Live Match Broadcasting on the bet22 app

If you enjoy watching sports live, you should download Bet22 for Android. Not only can you place bets on a game, but you can also watch it live, seeing the players score their points. However, this option is not available for all sports, so don’t expect to see your team playing.

  1. Find a game to watch. Click on the “menu” option on the bottom right, and under “Sports”, select “Stream”.
    Now, just select which sport you’re in the mood for.

From here, you’ll be presented with a list of leagues. Pick one, and then select a game.

  1. Watch. Once on the game, you should see a green circle with a white play button. Click this, and wait 10 seconds for the game to load. And that’s that! You’re now watching the game live.

Please note you will not have total freedom over which game to watch as live broadcasting isn’t available for all games.
If your mindset is “I want to watch Manchester United”, expect to be dissapointed. However, if your attitude is “I want to watch a football match”, you should find something for yourself.

Toto Betting on the 22Bet app

Toto betting is a relatively niche form of betting where the money won is based on a cash pool generated by those participating in the scheme rather than from the bookmaker itself. Usually, tote betting is for horse racing, but on Bet22, it’s for football.

  1. Find the tote. On the 22bet application, select “Menu” and then go to “Other” before selecting “Toto”.
  2. Make your prediction. As you will see, selecting “Toto” will give you a list of upcoming football matches. There are 14 matches on which you need to make a prediction to participate in the scheme.

For each match, you must decide which team will win, lose or draw. You can either make your own decisions or press “Random”. Once you’ve selected, press “Place Bet”.

  1. Place your bet. You just need to enter how much you wish to stake and press “BET”.

How to find statistics and results

Whether you want to know how good a team is before you put your money on them. Or you’re just curious about how well your favourite team did last game; 22bet lets you view the results of previous games.

This should go without saying, but you cannot bet on games that have already happened. Here is how you view the results.

  1. Open the results section. On your 22Bet app, pick “Menu” on the bottom right. Underneath sports, you need to press the ” results ” button.
  2. Find the game. Select the sport you want to see the results for. Then, pick the league your match is in. From here, you just need to select the game.
  3. See the results. What the results contain depends on the sport. For some, you can only see the overall score. Still, for others (such as football), you can see incredible details such as who scored, substitutions, and even red cards.

Contact technical support on apk

If you find a problem with the 22bet app apk, you can always contact technical support to see if they can resolve the issue.

Go to Menu, Other, Customer Support to find their contact information. From here, there are three ways you could contact them:

  1. Chat. Talk to someone via the app in a text chat.
  2. Online Call. Using the internet, talk to someone directly.
  3. Email. Press “Contacts” to be given a list of emails that you can contact to get your issue fixed.

Where is 22Bet Available

Although there are plenty of countries in which 22bet can be played, there are also plenty of countries where it cannot.
This is because 22bet is licensed on a curacao licence. Whether or not a country decides to allow websites with this licence is up to the government, not 22bet.
Please note the list below is certainly not conclusive.

Countries that do allow 22Bet: India, Brazil, Austria, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria.

Countries that don’t allow 22bet: Portugal, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, The United States.

Pros and cons of the 22bet APK

Of course, no sports betting app is perfect. But, very few are terrible. Below, you will find a list of what we have found to be some of the pros and cons of 22bet to help you decide whether or not this is the right app for you.
Please note all the pros and cons below are about the 22bet app and not the website 22bet.com.


  • It’s easy to navigate and find what you want to bet on.
  • There are lots of sports, teams, and players you can bet on. Even some lower league teams that other betting sites won’t have.
  • You can pay in cryptocurrency, which may be more secure for some players.
  • You can select which teams, games, or championships to add to your “favourites”.
  • The app is much nicer looking and user-friendly than the website.


  • The app provides little information about bonuses, legality, etc.
  • You cannot pay with PayPal, one of the most popular e-wallets.
  • Live games can take a few minutes to load.
  • Although there is a good selection of sports, there are fewer than on other betting sites.

Frequently asked questions (FaQs)

Is 22Bet free?

Yes! The 22bet android app is free to download.

How to use a betting code on the 22bet app?

You do not need a betting code to participate in the promos. However, you may still have one for general use. 1.Find the game you wish to use the discount on. Make your prediction. 2. Instead of selecting "Bet", select "Promo Code". 3. Enter your promo code, and the discount will be applied.

How to download 22Bet mobi in Kenya?

To download 22bet apk Kenya, follow these instructions: go to 22bet dom com; Select - App, at the top of the page; Download the APK file by picking - Download the Android App; Send the 22bet download apk to your phone; Download the 22bet Kenya app file onto your phone.

How to download 22bet app Nigeria?

Go to 22bet.com; Click -App, at the top of the page; Download the Android App to put the APK file onto your computer; Send the APK file to your phone. You could email it to yourself; Download the apk file onto your phone.


Overall, the 22Bet apk app is a legitimate and perfectly adequate betting app. If you want to spend a few dollars wishing your team the best, it’s excellent!

Unfortunately, you can only download it in a limited number of countries. If your country doesn’t allow Curaçao licensed gambling, you cannot get it. However, these are very easy to come by

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