With the latest system software for the T-Mobile G2 that will be released later this year supposedly leaked today, the developers of the community are digging through the image to see what goodies might be in store. @Cyanogen tweeted the following:

G2 is a brand new Qualcomm platform.. ro.board.platform=msm7x30

If this is the chipset in the G2, what does the MSM7x30 chipset do to make the G2 better than current Snapdragon based phones?

We already know from a post on AndroidPolice that the following features should be supported:

  • 720P video encoding (recording) and decoding at 30FPS
  • Integrated 2D/3D GPU’s with OpenGL ES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 API support
  • 5.1 surround sound output
  • Up to 12 megapixel camera support
  • Integrated GPS
  • Support for processor speeds between 800MHz and 1GHz (Scorpion CPU’s, same as Snapdragon’s)

Here are a couple of very interesting videos I found from a Qualcomm demonstration that shows some concept phones built from the very same chipset and some more info explained by the dude in the video:

So this could turn the G2 into a multimedia powerhouse and a worthy successor to the G1. Are you excited yet ?

Source: Cyanogen, Androidpolice and a little YouTube

  • Thedarkphoenix2012

    Not until I see a Front Camera, A dual core is out of the question as of right now, but that would be the perfect successor to the G1.

  • arctik_dave

    Man, the G2 is shaping up to be a really nice handset! When I first heard about the chipset, I was a bit concerned because of the words “mainstream chipset” in Qualcomm’s description page, but after seeing those videos I am impressed. It may not be on par with the Droid X, but I think the G2 shows itself to be in the hands of a capable chipset. It’s not a dual core monster, but it is going to be a very nice smartphone for people who want a dedicated keyboard.

  • ihatefanboys

    you really need to re-read all the info…its going to blow the droid X away…this will be the best android device out there. no other handset on the market has this chipset yet

  • dcheng11

    it doesn’t look like a bad phone. aesthetically, it’s a sleek device. i wish it were a 5-row keyboard, but i 4 isn’t too bad. idk about the whole opening/closing of the keyboard though. but then again, i thought the g1’s was pretty fragile too, but i didn’t get any squeaking or anything with mine. so the g2 might just be spot on again.

    spec-wise, i think we need to wait and see. this whole new chipset business could be hit or miss; it doesn’t appear to be the dual core we’ve all been waiting for, but being a new chipset, this could still be the best on the market. 720p is good, and up to a 12 mp camera? that’s really good. i’m not making any judgements yet, but i definitely want this to be the next big thing. it’d be a sad day in android is this thing disappoints its name–i think that’s pretty much unanimous.

  • Bigstunta101

    everyone bitches about front facing cameras. they are nice but not needed to complete a badass phone. i have a SEX1 with FFC and it was nice but not necessarily needed. but to each his/her own. i can deal with the four row keyboard an would prefer vanilla instead of senceUI. but if the g2 is a phone that can not just push the envelope but open it instead then we got ourselves a great innovation here

  • http://www.androidspin.com Simon N. Walker

    totally agree that we have to wait and see what the final product is like. On paper, the specs are starting to get me excited. If this new chipset is really being used, then we should have some serious horsepower working with the snapdragon main CPU. I’m pushing hard to get some more firm specifications from our sources, so stay tuned and we’ll keep updated as soon as we here something.

    It would be awesome if this device was ready for the G1 2 year anniversary, which coincidental ties in with the Big Android BBQ http://www.bigandroidbbq.com.

    Have you got your tickets yet ?

  • Anonymous

    am i the only person on earth who cares about hardware instead of front facing cameras? yeah its cool but how often will you actually use it? if it had it, everyone else would cry about something else. want a front facing camera? buy and evo….or the ipone4….but get the one with the bigger GBs

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  • Vipero07

    What is the big deal with a front facing camera? Everyone who has an iPhone 4 can only call other people with an iPhone 4 (unless its jail broken of course). As far as a phone is concerned do you have any idea how much battery using the front facing camera would be?

    First assuming you need to be on WiFi, why not just use your computer in that WiFi area? Second if you don’t need to be on WiFi, the amount of data being sent back and fourth would kill your battery really quickly (it would do so also with WiFi keep in mind, does anyone’s current smart phone last more than a day anyhow without something like the brick battery I got for my G1). Third, since Skype and other video chat services have been around… honestly how often have you used it (personally I use it a lot now a days, but not to the point I need to use it while not in the privacy or comfort of my own home)? Fourth if the only thing people with iPhone 4s can brag about is a front facing camera, then why not just get your piece of junk?

    Did you forget that when the G1 came out it had the ability to use more than one application at a time? Did you forget having folders in android since the beginning? As far as I can see it the only thing thats new in the iPhone 4 besides poor reception (remember, its a phone, the main feature of which is the ability to communicate with others) is the iADS which might as well be called AiDS.

    Seriously guys, the hardware on the G2 is looking more and more impressive, and I really do hope it makes as big a splash if not bigger than the G1. I just want to be able to have a phone that doesn’t loose reception randomly, and is a brilliant device, and each post about the G2 gets me more and more excited. Additionally the fact that there are already branded versions of it, I believe it will be coming out in the next month (two max) but based on the release date information that has been leaked, sounds like more than a month’s wait is too much. I don’t think a company would waste time branding a device unless it already passed their tests, so I believe we are just waiting on the supplies.

    The one thing that could possibly make it better is a super AMOLED screen, but we may just have to make due with the AMOLED that has been claimed. Sucks for those of us who live in Miami, the sun here is brutal.

    It better have an LED flash though, Samsung made a mistake not incorporating one on the vibrant and captivate.

  • Method15

    Front facing camera…who really wants to look at someone else when they talk on a phone. We’ve gone from communicating through voice calls to text messages. I doubt people really want to start looking at each other when they talk.

    I personally could care less about that I just want a camera with Flash having my mytouch3g made me realize how important that is. I missed out on a lot of good pictures because of that. If it doesn’t have flash I’m not getting it, it’s also the reason I skipped the Vibrant.

  • rowanator

    This being an HTC, and a seemingly high-end one at that, it probably will. have a flash.

  • Anonymous

    yeah my vibrant does a good job of shining through the miami sun…but the lack of flash or LED is killing me…

  • Raul

    Yeah, I hate the Miami sun lol. I’m more concerned with T-mobile upgrading the Miami network by the time the G2 is released so we can take full advantage of HSPA+.

    The only thing I disagree with is the WiFi video chat comment you made. Assuming HSPA+ is as fast as they say it will be, video chat should be a breeze. HOWEVER, it doesn’t seem practical with the battery technology currently out. I would probably never use it, anyway LOL. I don’t know ANYONE that uses their front facing cameras. In fact, I don’t know anyone that actually uses their laptop webcams. Good hardware specs = more longevity for the phone, which is > a stupid camera that will never be used. I would like to see a flash, though. Samsung did “screw the pooch” on that one. I also find the UI on the Vibrant a little sluggish compared to the EVO, but it’s not a bad phone. Gorilla glass ftw!

  • Vermaekansh

    So I am preety much excited to see this one on my hand.
    front facing camera for me is of no use instead the chipset is what I am looking forward to. Hopefully Cyanogen will root this one too on the very first day of its release and give us the best of the ROM’s for the G2.

  • steeldroid82

    according to cyanogen he’s getting this device on launch day so that’s a good sign.. im ecstatic for this device. First thing i do when i wake up is check all the android sites to see if theres confirmed specs, sep 29th isn’t coming fast enough.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Washington/100000190010519 Jeremy Washington

    Scorpion uses Arm’s ARMv7 instruction set as the base for the processor, but Qualcomm added its own chip technology in order to improve performance and reduce power consumption, a Qualcomm spokesman said. Scorpion marks the first time Qualcomm has added its own applications processor technology to one of its MSM chipsets for both CDMA EV-DO (Code Division Multiple Access Evolution Data-Only) and WCDMA (Wideband CDMA) mobile phones, he said.

    The ARMv7 instruction set is the basis for Arm’s new Cortex A8 family of processor cores, unveiled earlier this year at Arm’s Developer Forum. Scorpion will run faster than the Cortex A8 core, at 1GHz, and will consume half as much power at that faster speed, the Qualcomm spokesman said.
    i understand a that you all are saying but if Qualcomm said and i quote “Scorpion will run faster than the Cortex A8 core, at 1GHz, and will consume half as much power at that faster speed, the Qualcomm spokesman said.” then why the hell did they down clock it

    source http://tinyurl.com/3a27cqq