For those you running Android 2.2, you might want to look up Gmail in the Android Market as v2.3 is now available offering some new features along with some nice UI enhancements.

With the Gmail application added to the Android Market, now users can get the latest and greatest without having to wait for a system update. Below are a few more added features that will help users browse and organize their emails a little better.

  • Easier message replies
  • Better access to quoted text to show what prompted the most recent email
  • Important message actions now stick the top of the screen no matter how long the email
  • Limited support for Gmail’s new Priority Inbox feature
  • You can now move the application to your SD card using the Apps to SD method

This application is only for those devices running Android 2.2 and can be found in the Android Market. You can also scan the QR code below or if browsing with your Android device, simply click the QR code to take you directly to the application in the Android Market. Enjoy!

Via: Google Mobile Blog

  • jawheat411

    Message says item not found in market

  • Rtlominy

    It wont let me move this to my SD card I’m using n1

  • Anton Zymogliad

    where do you see app2sd !?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, would have been usual to me if I didn’t just trade my N1 (but I am loving the Vibrant right now).

  • Anonymous

    Google’s blog post and app removed. Not sure why?

  • Mo

    Same. Option to move to SD greyed out on my Desire. How is this meant to work?

  • Anonymous

    The more Google Apps that are downloadable from market, the less Gapps we have to work into roms (since users can dl the app themselves). It means space savings in roms, plus avoiding problems from conflicting apps.
    Eventually, I hope, all a rom will require is google login and market, gmail and all other apps will hopefully come bundled with their own sync adapters.

  • MasScotty

    I installed it on my rooted 4G and now the replay bar does not stick to the top. I unistalled it and went back to the verison that comes with FROYO (2.2) and now its back to normal.

    Any one else experience this?


    • JasonVail

      Sticks for me… You must be doing it wrong.

  • Roger Caramelo

    Are identities available with this one? I need to use K9 now because of this.