Well, sort of- rooted but only temporarily. Our dear friends at XDA Developers have been able to get root access to the T-Mobile G2 smartphone … until you reboot the device – then all super user access permissions are reverted. Not quite the ideal scenario we are looking for but it tells us that a permanent solution is near.

Getting root access allows you to have full control of your phone, making it possible on do things the standard Android devices can’t do. It’s like giving it superhero-like abilities. A few perks that come with root include the ability to flash third-party or custom ROMs, apply themes, tether and more.

Temporary root access can still get you what you want but with some extra effort. If interested in giving your G2 some temporarily awesomeness then follow the XDA thread by clicking HERE. In the meantime, standby for a permanent solution.

Source: XDA Developers

  • mta

    coooool now thats fast

  • Method115

    Rooting has been happening incredibly fast on almost all android devices lately. At least it seems that way from y point of view.

  • Elguaparaino

    Why would you want to install a custom ROM? I thought the big deal, the great thing, about the G2 was that it came with the ROM that everybody supposedly loves. That seems to be strange that people are trying to replace this awesome ROM they spent $500 over the contract for.

    • http://twitter.com/android_enzo Enzo De Santis

      i payed 550รขโ€šยฌ (incl shipping) for my g1 (android developer phone) and replaced everything but hardware ^^
      and with custom roms you have so many possibilities:
      i.e. cm6.1
      custom vibration lengths for user interface
      different firmware versions
      first gingerbread builds before official release
      and with root there are more possibilities without the need of custom roms. wireless tethering, complete backups, removing of ads (inside apps and browser), overclocking, of course illegal things which shouldnt be made and much more ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Anonymous

      Uh….for starters wireless tethering? How about apps like drocap2, SetCPU, OpenVPN, Reboot Control Widget, Webkey……etc..