While we are still waiting for the real root solution for the T-Mobile G2, Cyanogen sent a tweet last night stating that he’s been able to get CM6 running on his own device. Pretty sure if he reboots it’s going to fail but it’s a huge leap and means that CM6 is ready to rock and roll on T-Mobile’s new Superphone as soon as the real rooting solution is found.

Cyanogen captured a video for us all to be jealous over and posted it to YouTube. Take a look below:

So while we all wait and decide if we want the T-Mobile G2 or the upcoming T-Mobile MyTouch HD, the clever dudes in the community continue to work all hours to make our experience better and better.

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to head out and grab a T-mobile G2, here it is.  You can get a pretty amazing deal through the AndroidSPIN Cellphone store.

Which phone are you buying and does the fact that CM6 may be running on it soon sway your purchasing decision?

  • http://twitter.com/guner202 anthony

    Just wanted to let you know that you misspelled the word “phone” in the last two lines.

    • http://www.androidspin.com Simon N. Walker

      Fixed. It’s still early here. Hadn’t had enough coffee yet and was too excited to see CM6 running on the G2.

  • Maria Lindell Pmp

    I believe in #g2root. Its the reason I havnt sent mine back

  • Michael Malott

    I think ill stick wig my Vibrant T-Mobile.

    • Mike

      same here vibrant running bionx 6

    • Dj4867

      i will also stick with the vibrant… i just hope the temp root thing isnt going to be a standard in the new phones… it really is a factor in picking my phone.

  • renn9420

    Come on Cy. We are ROOTING for you.

  • philip

    worthy g1 successor IMO. i dont know why people are giving up already. this phone has onl been out merely weeks and its like the world is gonna end because t-mobile wants to tell lies. as much as root is almost a necessity, this phone still proves blazing fast, beautiful and strong. htc over samsung any damn day

    • http://twitter.com/tjhart85 Tanner Hart

      By buying that phone, you are telling HTC that you either like or don’t care about their security protections.

      Conversely, if everyone waits until after it’s been cracked & then starts buying it, that might send a clear signal as well.

  • Skeeterflea

    I wish Google, HTC and Tmo would allow Team Douche to engineer their own handset. Hardware and software developed forr the community by the community. A “Team Douche” branded phone would sell better than Justin Bieber nail polish…

    • yasuya

      OMG that would be the freaking shit!!!! I would so buy that over anything else.

    • yasuya

      OMG that would be the freaking shit!!!! I would so buy that over anything else.

  • Tdavis42

    I’m more excited about CM 6.1but thats only because I own an Incredible. But good for you G2 owners. I would prefer to have a G2 but I’m not really in the best standings with T-Mo. I have a feeling I will be back soon because they do have the best Android phones coming(No Bing). Its like the commercial that Bing has “Search, Decide, Bing!”(maybe not in that order but it sways my decision.)