The Motorola Defy has already been launched in Germany, however T-Mobile has had their lips sealed for pricing and launch date until now. T-Mobile has officially tweeted (see below) that the Motorola DEFY will be launching November 3rd for only $99.99 after a two-year service agreement.

Although we may not be able to abuse this phone in any way we would like, it does seem to be very reliable and sturdy for your day to day usage. I know this device is going to reach a wide array of people as it would be an Android powered handset for users that have their devices thrown around and abused.

The device is said to be launched with the Android OS w/ BLUR, 5MP camera, 3.5mm audio jack, LED flash, FM radio, wi-fi calling, and so much more.

So the million dollar question, who is going to be picking up one of these puppies?

Via: T-Mobile

  • Tadgerman123

    i will i will!!!!! i cant wait the device looks great and the ui is stunning too! love the black and white app drawer button

  • MT3g OG

    well it depends on what version of the OS it is using i have a mytouch going to froyo any minute now wouldnt downgrade for this ya dig