Call of Duty Modern Warfare for Android Spotted for Free!


Thanks to @maxisma I was led to a download link today for the full version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare for Android!  What makes this even better is that it’s FREE!

The file can be downloaded directly to compatible phones from or by following this link and setting your phone type and phone number for an SMS with a direct download link.

The game has a very DoubleDragon-esque feel to it, which for me is a complete flashback to the good old days.  It’s very easy to play and EXTREMELY fun as well.  On my N1 the controls are just point to move and trackball to nuke.  If you haven’t already, head on over to for some pure mobile pwnage!  The game is only free until the 29th of October.

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Brandon Meredith
Currently working towards a bachelor's in software engineering and have been involved with android since the G1 (R.I.P.).

  • Everblazingboy

    Wow cool

  • Everblazingboy

    Wow cool

  • Eric Steinberger

    not seeing it

  • Mayelyshusband

    What the hell? This game is not compatible with my galaxy s! Damn it!

    • jxk

      Change it to something else one the web site.

  • Daniel


  • Djkoz78

    Not compatible with incredible either damn it.

  • Djkoz78

    Not compatible with incredible either damn it.

  • Rawl

    It says not compatible for g2 but if you download the Nexus one version to your computer and put it on your sd and install it will run.. Warning it forced closed the first time i ran it but after restarting ran flawlessly. …note that going from your phone to get it wont work only your computer and download the N1 version to your CPU

  • Rusty

    Downloaded it for my Nexus One. It crashes every time if I try to turn on the sound. Lame.

  • Nora_ochoa

    Cant download it and I don’t see it. Balls DroidX

  • Scott

    Not seeing anything. Is it not available fascinate galaxy s verizon

  • rowanator

    Downloaded it to my desktop and installed the APK to my Galaxy S (Captivate) just fine. Fun game, but the lack of checkpoints is annoying. Still, for free, I like it.

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