In just hours after the fall of the T-Mobile G2, the myTouch 4G is getting in on the perm root action and instructions for achieving this and freeing your device of the T-Mobile bloatware for good can be found below.

While this method jut looks like a rehashed version of unforgiven512’s G2 perm root method, as you can read in the original post it does in fact work. Check it out below.

First of all, unforgiven512 deserves most of the credit for this tutorial as all I did was rewrite this tutorial in my own words (while looking at his in another window), edit the kernel module, and paste links to it and the hboot file with this tutorial. Also, thanks to adwinp for the instructions on hexeditting the kernel module to make it work with our devices.

This was a collaborative #g2root effort, primarily involving scotty2, tmzt, IntuitiveNipple but also many others!

Ok, so the usual disclaimers go here:

I am not responsible for your bricked phone or the ignorance that may or may not have caused it based on the fact the you CHOSE to follow these steps. Read through the forums and LEARN before you attempt to flash any device. You have been warned.

Now that that is out of the way here we go:

First make sure you have visionary installed and download these two files:

Fire up your device and run visionary.

  • adb push the two files you downloaded to /data/local on the device:
  • adb push wpx.ko /data/local and adb push hboot_dhd.nb0 /data/local

Open up a terminal on the phone or thru adb shell and gain root (su + enter).


  • insmod /data/local/wpx.ko and press enter.

You should get an error stating “function not implemented” this is what you want

Then type:

  • dd if=/data/local/hboot_dhd.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 and hit enter.

This command can turn your phone into a very expensive paper weight. Pay attention to what you are typing.

If you are on terminal on the device close it out. If you are on adb shell disregard.

Run VISIONary again to lock in root. Fire your terminal back up and type sync and hit enter.

Wait a couple of minutes and reboot.

If you want to go into hboot and look it should say s=off!

Anyone willing to venture out and try this method on your recently purchased myTouch 4G?

Via: XDA

  • Anonymous

    I will as soon as i get home. I have to swing by T-Mobile and replace my MT4G because there’s a hardware issue preventing wifi calling, but i’m rooting the new one immediately.

  • Eleeo037

    dd if=/data/local/hboot_dhd.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 is this all one command?

    • Simon N. Walker


    • Simon N. Walker


  • absoluthamm

    I’ll root it when there are some ROMS to flash onto it. No extreme need for me right now to root it until then. The other niceties of root can wait

  • D MaK

    I did it an hour ago and it works flawlessly! Feels good to uninstall visionary. Eleee yes it is all one command. Happy rooting everyone

  • D MaK

    I did it an hour ago and it works flawlessly! Feels good to uninstall visionary. Eleee yes it is all one command. Happy rooting everyone

  • Stormy Beach

    Ok, so now it looks like I might just want one of the device after all. I refused to buy until Root was done. Now I just need to wait and wee how it goes with ROMs. Bring it on guy!!

  • SuperFunkyFr3$h

    Hmm… now I gotta choose between a MT4G, G2 or Vibrant as they all are fully rooted now.

  • Joelee90706

    i am scare to death.. i will wait for anther method to root

  • Sergispro

    took 2 mins to do this meathod if u use the root explore app from the market to copy and paste the 2 files to the data/local folder and use that command 😀 happy rooting

  • Peter896

    what does it mean to “adb push” the file? please help this lingo!

    • Leonardshapiro505

      peter896, if you have to ask. then you shouldn’t running thees commands.

      • Peter896

        i realize that i am not as smart as you are. when in doubt, you ask.

      • Sparxva

        If he is smart enough to ask then he is smart enough to follow instructions. Don’t be a troll.

  • Peter896

    There is a guy on youtube, with this link [url][/url], can help you root your mytouch 4g without using the adb push command. I was able to follow his video instruction to the letter and permernantly rooted my mytouch 4g phone. Give him a peak if you want to root your phone permernantly.

  • Itlnstaln

    II’m new to these android what is rooting

  • Hfhfhhf

    what is perm root???? just asking?