When it comes to rooting your device, the method could be a long and risky process, but once again we have a new one-click root method. Z4 Root was created by XDA member RyanZA and takes the headache out of rooting.

Z4 Root is compatible with the following devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S devices
  • Motorola Droid X
  • Motorola Droid 2
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Hero

Currently the device compatibility is limited to the devices you see listed above and if you’re looking to free your device from its carrier bloatware and see your device listed above, be sure and grab the Z4Root.apk and enjoy!

What are your thoughts on Z4 Root and other one-click rooting applications?

Happy rooting!

Via: XDA

  • Carygep

    How do I get rid of the bloatware after I root it this way? Can’t figure it out

    • oscar

      Download root explorer nd look for file called system den apps but be careful

      • Jeorge


  • http://www.facebook.com/jjortiz Javier Ørtiz

    you can install Titanium Backup for an example and remove applications using “Chuck Norris Mode” < No this is not a joke! 😉 Hope this helps!

  • Micwook

    Just rooted my buddies original Droid with this app, worked fine. Process from no root to fully installed rom was 5 mins, nice.

  • guest

    Tried downloading and keep getting error message that content is not supported on this phone…droid x. Help

    • Anonymous

      U need something like Download Crutch Lite, or a file manager that adds downloading from the web features. I think Astro File Manager has it.

  • Audiman67

    Downloaded for samsung vibrant then downloaded titanium backup all bloatware apps are gone!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501505244 Rolf Thomassen

    Didnt work on Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (Froyo)Just writing Trying to apply patch ..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501505244 Rolf Thomassen

      I just retried to root my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with official Froyo, and it works great
      Just had to run z4root 2 times, first time it just run and run and run, then after 10-15 min, just take out battery and reboot, then run z4root again, and it roots your phone..

      Gr8 appl.

      • Kkernaghan7

        I had the same exact problem with the Samsung Intercept. Doing exactly as you did it rooted the phone no problem.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1018151172 Filiberto Ruiz

          hey i got z4 and installed it turned the phone off, back on and ran the app i had a new option saying unroot so i thought i was rooted. i tried setcpu but i dont have superuser permissions. Im gonna try it again and see if i can get it

  • Benjamin Mark

    Hi, it works in my Xperia X10i

  • Jrny99

    it did work, hung at the reboot screen. i pulled the battery and restarted the phone and i had root!

    install custom rom and all is good. thanks

  • Olebole1234


  • Terrym041

    Do I do this from my phone or PC? And do I need to download any additional programs?

    • Kkernaghan7

      Download the app with your phone. You don’t need anything on your computer. The app may hang after about 10 – 15 minuets pull the battery and run the app again. It should work now. I did this on a Samsung Intercept and it worked great.

  • Destry3535

    Worked great on my X

  • Destry3535

    Worked great on my X

  • Me

    Worked on my Xperia x10i

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_I7V5KOGIAAYRB5SEZQT7YNJMSQ 時尚夏羽


  • Sigtaumedic

    How do you know you have “root”. I used Z4 and it says it rooted, but when I try and use the mobile hotspot, I still get the vzw webpage telling me to pay for it. Any ideas……

    • Joey121215

      Root doesn’t get you Verizon’s root for free, it allows you to install wireless tether from the market and use THAT to get free horspot

    • EVOnewbie

      go to settings in your phone

      click applications> check unknown sources> exit

      go to market place > search wireless teather

      once the list comes up look for wireless teather (its black and green) >download

      once downloaded open > click on the wifi sign > if it allows you to do so you are rooted if not it will ask “are you rooted” if it asks that your not rooted.

  • Kaiba222

    Do you still get OTA updates once you root with this?


      I’ve only updated my profile and yes. I have NOT changed ROMs. I only rooted for wireless tether. I love HTC Sense, so I won’t mess with it.

      It does have a one click un-root feature which is awesome. If it won’t update, you can always un-root and then update and then root again.

  • Carl

    Could not get this to work at all. Said it was complete and I had root but when I downloaded a tether application it told me I lacked root.
    Htc evo

    • Suddz

      thats because you dont have a SBF Root. if you want to be able to load ROMs and themes then you will have to follow the long process. I know it may be tedeious, but there is no possible way that an app can just do the whole rooting your phone takes timw, not a click.

  • Br00klyn722

    need help!!!! ran the app after 30 seconds or so my X rebooted….everything was the same. So i clicked back on the app and the only option there was to root. i also noticed it install a super user app

    any help would gratefully be appreciated

    • Suddz

      the superuser app is what unlocks all the capabilities…which aren’t too big. if you want an easier time using a rooted phone then i suggest taking the lon g and tedious full rooting process. it might rake a while, but it’s worth it. believe me, I used to use z4 root and now i realize it’s a prison cell of rooting.

      • Noskoviak

        What are the perks of rooting without one click method?

  • Cwlowell

    Does this work with the x 2.2

  • Jess_purple_18

    everytime i go to download the z4root it says it cant download.. i dont know whatsite to use?
    and also do i downjload it onto my phone or onto my computer then the phone?

  • Arremex

    Just got a mytouch 4g from t-mobile. Ran Z4Root, worked like a charm. Still testing, but looks like this phone can be added to the supported devices list.

  • Danielostrihon

    It told me it couldn’t download??

  • Faceonahead

    love it, rooted with this and can do all i need too, bar one exception, disabling motoblur, anyone advise if this can be done


    Downloaded Z4Root for my EVO 4G and it worked very well. Much easier than anything else. With unroot feature, I can get over the air updates from Sprint. Pretty cool. Very useful. The person who created this deserves a hand shake, a cup of coffee, and dinner!

  • Scott Schmeiser

    Does this work with the Droid original?

  • Sdp

    Would it work with sprint epig 4g? I tried the app version, it did not work. Thanks

  • Livingmylifetothemax

    someone tell me where i can get the z4 root download!!!!

  • Cody91919162

    Worked second try with my D-X, froze on first step first time, then it blazed through the app in 3 minutes.

  • Rikkiminnis

    Does the z4 root work for samsung mesmerized version 2.2.1???

  • Droidxxxusee

    I have a droid x That is already rooted If I un rooted to download gingerbread will I be able to root my phone again once it has gingerbread????

  • Nachiappan R

    HI this is work for samsung GT s5570

  • Emili90110

    I wish we could get this working on the Evo 3d

  • Tonylpinto

    I have a stupid question for everyone sorry. I have the the thunderbolt and have been trying this for hours, can someone please tell me how I’m suppose to download this link. Like I said stupid. Thanks

  • Adrienne

    How do I install it? It says the content is not supported. HTC Evo. Help!

  • MAC

    Any luck making Z4root compatible for the EVO 3D?

  • blackiecollins

    Works for Huawei Ascend, as well

    • robert

      How long does it take for the process take?

  • jpav

    i have tried to root my galaxy s2 skyrocket and it didnt work… usb bugging is enabled. downloads from unknown sources is enabled. i have a new sd card that i bought. i tried formatting it anyway… the root wont take and i dont know why. any help would be appreciated.

  • justin bieber

    I have tried it but it made my phone vibrate a few times and I also had to take my battery out:( is there any other way???

  • mickey

    Does not work on new update EVO 2.3.5 I even tried it before it updated… But still no luck. This version got farther than 1.3.0. An it froze everytime. Or just force closed as soon as I click the z4 app. Really want root. So pleaze help.

  • Matt

    alright i have an HTC EVO 4g on the newest firmware n i downloaded the app n installed it…. and all its been doing for the past 30 minutes attempting to apply root….. what am i doing wrong

    • nic

      No idea

  • http://Uhhhhh Guest 1337

    This didnt eotk

  • alex

    I have samsung galaxy precedent. Its the straight talk android. Ive managed to download this directly from aptoide but every time i attempt to use it, it forces close while its acquiring the root shell. Is there anyone whos got this to work on this phone? If so can you tell me what i may be doing wrong, and if not is there a root that will work for my phone?

    • joey

      I’m having the same problem can’t figure it out

  • Adrian

    Can you make it work for HTC wildfire s by virgen mobile please

  • julian

    can you guys help me get the z4 root app put it in the comment so i can get it please need it.

  • http://z4root ossiel

    I Rebooted My Phone Alot Of Times And It still Doesn’t Work For Me plzzzz help

  • http://z4root ossiel

    I Restarted My Phone Alot Of Times And It still Doesn’t Work For Me plzzzz help

  • Raza

    julian just go 4shared and search for z4root.apk to download.Once downloaded copy it ur fone and get started.

  • http://gmail kalpesh

    hey plzzz help …
    is it compatible with dell xcd 35gen2 2.2 froyo ? for permanent root …
    if not plz make it compatible with the phone I have mentioned above ..thanxxx

  • amy

    I wannna try this with my HTC sense, although I see its not one of the compatible phones. Has anyone tried it? Is worth the risk?

  • Shaun Richardson

    I have boost mobile samsung galaxy s2. will z4root work on it?

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      No idea. Honestly this post is extremely old and so is the app. Samsung is pretty darn easy to root. Check XDA for the Boost mobile version. I am sure there is a simple one click method or a simple file to drop in ODIN for it.

  • jack

    i download z4root From 4shared i installed from internal memory After installing I open it and I saw There is root i click to root it say that Usb debugging mode after usb mode on from setting I click to root after that i am waiting about 15 minute Iam bored with that then iam pluck my battery and Restart is that root my phone or what somebody Pliz tell me to root My android device is lemon p9 2.3.5