LG has been spreading their Optimus One love to a few major U.S. Carriers and it looks like the Sprint variant, the Optimus S has already been rooted and a has a custom ROM available.

For those of you who are interested in rooting your recently purchased LG Optimus One device which is are known as the LG Optimus S (Sprint), LG Optimus T (T-Mobile) and the LG Vortex (Verizon), word on the street points to z4 root for your one-click rooting pleasure or we’re sure a simple Google search will give you the answers you need.

If you have a rooted LG Optimus S, you can head over to CommunityRelease.com and grab yourself the ThundeROM v1.2 from Beezy and KSmithInNY. How many of you are rocking the Optimus S and going to try this custom ROM?

Via: Android Central Forums

  • Mimi

    When I used the Optimus S over a couple of days, I found it to be well behind the Android curve in terms of speed and performance. I tested its Quadrant number at around 420, while a Galaxy S phone is around 900 and even the Motorola Bravo has a Quadrant measurement of 1,100. If rooting the Optimus S and cleaning out the junk makes it perform better, that’s a good thing.

  • http://motorbicycle.org/ Robert Mathias

    I have my EVO, and I got my brother the Optimus S, got the root, trying to install it and put in the flash, will come back in a few hours and let you know! Thanks for the article

  • http://twitter.com/kekil Cecil

    @Robert .. any updates? I

  • Androidspin guest

    saying a simple google search will give you what you need sucks. Google brought me here.
    Please link to the actual link thank you

  • Gbrownoliva1

    All I would like is to have the free hotspot, would doing a shell root change anything else on the phone? I guess I am curious about how much a root will change my phone? Dumb questions but I would like to know the answer please.

  • http://viettelonline.com USB 3G

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