Now that tower defense games are no longer themselves arriving in endless waves like they did two or three years ago, developers aren’t able to just throw out another generic game and have to push a little extra harder to create something unique. Innovation only seems to stretch so far in this genre, often a game has demonstrated some of the features of another, but simply hasn’t brought specific features together. Armored Defense has been on the Android Marketplace for around a month now and you can tell that some effort was made to make this game feel original.

I must admit to letting a lot of recent tower defense games pass me by, although I have spent my time with both Robo Defense and Retro Defense, which are both fine games; however in my experience I’ve not seen any game of this type with features such as tracks that you can place several turrets on so they can move backwards and forwards across it. This feature goes against what a tower defense game is, the placement of static towers but it’s a welcome and powerful feature. Armored Defense doesn’t allow you to place a turret anywhere except for on high ground, so placing a track allows you to setup powerful kill zones to inflict massive damage, this might seem a little over powerful on easier levels, but once you try some of the higher settings you’ll need every break you can get. The variety of difficulty here does get a little over the top . There are three maps, each can be attempted at rookie or veteran difficulty, then broken down to volunteer, regular or elite and then again to soldier, officer or general, making roughly 18 different challenges for each map.

There are several powers that the AI might use to increase their chances, such as cloaking themselves from your fire. This causes you to change your strategy to encourage them to switch their shield on early and time it so it’ll switch back off once they enter an area with many turrets. Other powers such as speed boosts and anti missile also help mix things up a little.

Despite all these features, there is a lack of variety. Only three different turrets are available and there are very few upgrades that can be performed on them, even with three different larger than average maps it can get a little tedious.

Armored Defense is a great tower defense games, it might even be one of the best, it looks great and has even more features than I’ve mentioned here such as dropping bombs and laying mines. If you crave some more tower defense action you should definitely check out the demo before you commit to Armored Defense’s meaty $4.50+ price tag.


When you’re ready, head over to the Android Market and download this game by clicking or scanning the QR Code below.

Summary and Downloads:

Game: Armored Defense
Developer: ArmoredSoft
Cost:  $4.56


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App: Pocket God
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