At this very moment the Samsung Intercept is receiving an OTA update which includes Android 2.2 (Froyo). I can personally confirm this as I have a Samsung Intercept review unit and it has received the OTA.

Can’t wait to receive the OTA prompt? Try the steps below to update manually.

  • From the Home screen, press Menu
  • Tap Settings
  • Flick down on the screen to scroll down; tap About Phone
  • Tap System updates > Update Firmware or Update Android
  • The device will check for updates
  • Follow instructions to install the update

Have you received this update yet? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Sprint

  • Andre Pope

    The Intercept got Froyo before the Galaxy S lineup?? Seriously?

    • Anonymous

      Just install nero from team whiskey…froyo 2.2 with a gingerbread look to it.

  • dkcir

    Where is the update for Galaxy S?!?!?!?!?!

  • Mason 102209

    The intercept is in much need of this update. This handset does not function correctly on 2.1. Which is why it has received froyo first. I on the other hand have the virgin mobile handset which has not yet been included in the froyo update After talking to what virgin mobile referred to as a Samsung intercept speacialist I am still in the dark on when the handset will get android 2.2. Anyone have any info on it?

  • Juaviles1983

    can’t wait to get back aboard a htc and yes I’m getting the mytouch 4g the hell with sammy wammy

  • Cowboy44mag

    Okay people lets keep the comments related to the Intercept- the reason the Intercept got the update before the Galaxy S lineup is because the Intercept uses stock Android 2.1 and is much easier to update, the Galaxy S lineup will recieve the update soon so there is no reason to worry about it. The Intercept needs this update just to funcion correctly, and as a Virgin Mobile subscriber I too wonder when it will be available to Virgin Mobile customers. The phones are exactly the same, so I don’t understand why the release is only for “Sprint” contracts when VIRGIN MOBILE IS OWNED BY SPRINT!!

  • Michael801581

    What about Samsung Moment?aaaaaaaaaa

  • Stefan Lasiewski

    I have the Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile, which runs Android Firmware Version 2.1-update2. I have not received the update yet, as of Dec. 20. I tried the manual update as suggested by this article, but it says “Your system is currently up to date”.

    • Miguelrules2005

      yea, same here. VM is owned by sprint so we should get the update too

  • lol

    lol i love all these kids who bitch and moan about the intercept getting 2.2 instead of them aka galaxy S lineup. Hmm look at the difference in the phones you dumbasses. galaxy phones are already superior then the intercept. there aren’t as many problems with the galaxy phones compared to the intercept therefore the intercept gets 2.2 first. now stop your bitching and be happy your phone is still better then the intercept :).

  • Tylerwynncash

    i recieved the update and when i started updating i dropped my phone and the battery fell out. now it says my phone is up to date. i still have 2.1-update 1. how can i update?

  • ABRMess006

    Any updates on when the VM Intercept will be getting the 2.2 update? I have not received any updates yet and still sitting on 2.1 update1. Getting anxious!!!

  • Big Rob

    I bought my VirginMobile Samsung Intercept on 1/2/2011. It says OS 2.1-update1 and System update says “currently up to date.”
    Any more recent news on upgrading to 2.2 ?

  • Spamablam

    Is there a way to manually update to 2.2 on the inter?

  • rahul

    I have YET not got the update for android 2.2 on my intercept.
    can anyone help me ???
    i really need that update