It looks like the guys over at XDA-Developers are at it again. Members in the HTC Glacier/Mytouch4G forums have put up a very early alpha build of CM7 for Mytouch users to try out at their own risk. XDA member option94 posted the first build and now he and Thatguy32404 have begun compiling builds from Team Douche’s source tree. In order to try it out we would definitely recommend experience with flashing, fastboot, and buggy phones and it’s not for the faint of heart to try. Some users may be able to get by with this as a daily build, but most will want to hold off until something more stable gets released. If you’re itching to get a Gingerbread fix on your MT4G, hit the source link below for instructions and the files you’ll need to get it up and running. Be sure to let us know in the comments how it works for you; and as always, flash at your own risk!

Source: xda-developers

  • Peter896

    Alright, give me gingerbread for MT4g

  • Ccccccccc

    Peter let us know if that update works

  • Anonymous

    I’m currently running it on my mt4g. Maybe 98% for stock ASOP + GApps. No GB launcher included, but the market one works fine. App drawer is an incorrect animation. No shutdown TV blink. OC kernel is max 14900ish. FM radio is not working. FFC support is flakey, but thats due to lack of 2.3 support in apps. No CM parts at all.

    Other than that is truly is just way smoother and faster than froyo. Easily good enough for a daily use build.

  • Christopher3712

    I’ve been running 2.3 since yesterday morning (they call it 2.3.1 but i think it’s a typo). I like it as a daily and it’s ALPHA. I can only imagine how well it’ll run once they get all the bugs sorted out.

  • Hlopez71

    Can anyone post some quadrant scores?