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HTC Thunderbolt Browser,

We managed to get our hands on one of the new HTC Thunderbolt 4G’s today and took a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.  As well we also managed to run a Quadrant Benchmark and show the results (which are at the bottom of this post).  Our source who shared the device with us, informed us that the battery life does not seem too good, however it was hard to quantify given their short time with the device.  We can say that the device does feel very responsive and smooth.  Over the next few days more should be revealed as the official release is due at CES 2011.

Update: We made a small typo on the actual Android OS version. We have now been informed that the Android OS version is, in fact, Android 2.2.1.

Here’s the specs from as far as we could tell:

  • ARM v7 processor, Single Core, 1 Ghz
  • 8 GB internal memory, (32gb sd card included)
  • 4.3 inch screen
  • NO HDMI port
  • 8 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front (We believe)
  • Runs the new HTC Sense UI on top of Android 2.1.2 (Update 2.2.1)
  • HTC Maps and Navigation is included
  • DLNA support via an HTC preinstalled app

And now for the rest of the pictures:

HTC Thunderbolt Front

HTC Thunderbolt Front

HTC Thunderbolt Stand

HTC Thunderbolt Stand

HTC Thunderbolt Quadrant

HTC Thunderbolt Quadrant

  • Frost

    What a fcuking let down those specs are…

    • Ens Soo

      yeah… single core, android 2.1,no hdmi
      will pass on this one. thought it would be my new phone but not with hardware which almost already outdated…

    • HTC_Porsche

      NOT the final product is on the photos and in description:) Let’s HOPE;)

  • Clvransom

    Is that a typo in your post? I have a hard time believing Verizon will release a superphone with 2.1 in lieu of 2.2. Especially, with Gingerbread on the horizon.

    • Simon N. Walker

      According the info our source provided, it is 2.1. I questioned this myself as I thought the same.

      • Nick Ver Voort

        There’s no such Android version as 2.1.2, so it is definitely a typo.

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately your source is an idiot. “2.1.2” doesn’t exist–the last update was “2.1-update 1”. They meant to say “2.2.1”. I dare you to find a screen shot that proves otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    so.. it’s a desire hd with front cam and lte/?
    if this had the hdmi port I would want one.

  • Daniel

    seriously, this phone is garbage! It’s definitely aimed towards mass market, not high end users… Which I guess from a business standpoint makes sense. But this BLOWS for us high end users.

  • James Lichtenstiger

    WTF, seriously?! this is garbage…… its what, an incredible with a bigger screen and a front facing camera….thanks htc and verizon, ur sucking. everyone at ces is going to look at you guys and laugh lol.

  • Andy Wright

    I don’t understand why some of you guys expect phones to running either dual core processors or ones clocking at greater than 1.0ghz. Current batteries just can’t support such power consumption. Look at the quadrant scores. This phone rocks. It probably sports a 2nd generation Qualcomm. This is much better than the hummingbird for java and Linux. Yes the gpu isn’t the best but hey its very much high end. I am not sure when the LG star will get released

    • Anonymous

      You must of not seen the nexus s benchmarks lol hummingbird is jus as fast.

    • Nick Ver Voort

      AT&T just announced two phones today clocked over 1 GHz, one of them dual core.

  • geeknik

    You mean Android 2.2.1, not 2.1.2, right?

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt call it garbage, just we all are wanting the next wave of phones, thats all.

  • ThaTruth

    Ok guys phones are starting to level off, If you don’t root your phone and overclock your processor then yes you might want the greatest of all specs, but if you’re like the majority of people who visit this sight religously like I do, then you’re phone is rooted, overclocked and has a beautiful custom ROM that gives you very little to almost no problem at all.

    • Nathan Stockwell

      OK. ThaTruth- I’m a total newbie when it comes to this stuff. But I pay attention. And I have heard so much about rootinf, overclocking, and custom ROM’s that I’m confused. Do you (or anyone else) know where I can learn about this stuff and why I’d want to do it? Thank you…
      I ask because this phone might be good for me after all. I want fast, smooth, fun and better than my friends! :)

      • Anonymous

        Hey Nathan, when I was new to customization on my android devices, I went to the xda developers website which is a great, comprehensive resource.

        • Nathan Stockwell

          Thank you!

        • BrandoKC

          +1 for XDA
          Just make sure you search before requesting info on there and you’ll be o.k. Also, a lot of individuals have put up tutorial videos on YouTube. I would suggest looking up “Root for xxxx(name of device)”
          The rooting is the hard part and it’s typically not that hard. Once you’re rooted flashing ROM’s and themes is a breeze.

  • Christopher Chavez

    Does that Qudrant say 1926?!?!?! YOWZA! =D

  • Kevin Stagg

    Ok, so I’m pretty happy with my EVO and admittedly, not a hardware guru. What does the Thunderbolt have that the EVO doesn’t?

    I’m happy with my current processor as I feel it is very responsive.

    EVO has Froyo, HDMI port and matches all other specs. I would imagine the DLNA spec could just as easily come from an HTC download.

    Oh yeah, and on Sprint, my plan is a going to be a hell of a lot cheaper at $79/mo. :]

  • Supacheese92

    If I were Verizon I would “let slip” the beta version of the next new cool phone and then surprise everyone else with a better than expected superphone. Who knows if Verizon’s marketing department is that good but it certainly would be in their best interests.

  • gabe

    With no hdmi? Wtf? At this point that is just laughable. Dual core? Well that is still something that will take months to see out in the market. Android 2.1? I’m sure that’s a typo, if its not then this device is a pure joke.

    • Anonymous

      DLNA > HDMI–why not just stream media from my phone no cables needed? Trouble with HDMI is that Netflix, Hulu and other folks in cahoots with Big Media don’t want to touch an HDMI-equipped device (why I don’t know–laptops have had this for years?)

      Unfortunately we don’t have too many DLNA-equipped TVs yet. I wish all those Roku boxes and what not had DLNA compatibility (LG’s new Smart TV box does.)

  • angermeans

    If this is running 2.1 and still got this high of Quadrant I want to see what the Froyo (and then GB) will score. I am a little disapointed in the specs, but still a great phone. I will be picking one up to keep my Dinc company.

  • Iamsteventucker

    i’ve literally never used the hdmi on my droid x..i have a tv for watching tv

  • Mooem

    I also never used HDMI on my droid x, so that wouldn’t be important to me but all these other specs don’t really tickle my fancy as a “must have” device especially with potentially better phones on the horizon and currently limited LTE access.

  • ryan

    wait, how is this any better than the EVO? If anything it seems like a downgrade since it has no HDMI

    • RosarioM

      It’s on Verizon. That’s a good enought reason to switch.

    • @JoeHobot

      The point is not to compare Thundy to EVO! Point is that Verizon will have 4G Phone… …Why do you guy’s have to always compare phones to other phones…

      I am just waiting for one of those comments ” oh this isn’t iPhone killer” wtf…

      • Eros El Mercenario Lirical

        wait. i had an iphone 4 and i sold it to get an evo,, and i work for att lol 9so this one on the verizon network (it will be an iphone killer)

  • Fabulas

    I’ve never used HDMI on my EVO so I won’t miss it.

    • ryan

      even so the phone appears to be the same as the EVO so why switch?

      • Anonymous Spam E Mail

        Uh…Maybe because you’d be going from Spring to Verizon?!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    foget this phone..2.1? give me a Nexus S please with regular upgrades.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a typo, he meant Android 2.2.1 surely.

  • Michael Darby

    So is the 8GB of memory for Apps or is this like the DInc where its internal storage and the app memory is less than a 1G again. I certainly hope its like the DroidX where you get 8G of internal storage period.

  • Eric

    My MT4G gets better Quadrant scores than my NS, Vibrant and this Thunderbolt. The best score so far is 2161 on stock root and it is consistently over 1926. Not bragging….just stating the facts.

    • Ej

      i know the quadrant shows speed, etc. can someone explain this a little further? i’m a newbie..

    • Ej

      i know the quadrant shows speed, etc. can someone explain this a little further? i’m a newbie..

  • App Hacker

    2.1 is a deal breaker.

  • Travis Graves

    mt4g still rocks quadrant !!!
    i wana see what the at&t dual core quadrant scores are

  • Anonymous

    How many times can HTC release the same phone? Apart from some small changes in spec, HTC’s 4.3″ phones are all the same.

    • Guest

      They are the masters, that’s all they did before the Iphone came out.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but how about something new? It seems like every phone is a riff off the HD2/Evo or the G2. Every few months they release a new iteration on a new carrier and we’re supposed to be excited? Samsung did the same with the SGS, but at least they all came out around the same time so you knew they were all the same phone. What’s exciting about the Thunderbolt? The whole marketing scheme is embarrassing now that we know it’s just a downgraded Evo.

  • Kdroid

    Umm….i do believe it says 2.2.1 in the paragraph

  • Ariasfredlin

    Yu Guys Areee All Criticizers .. Lik Really . Appreciate What Verizon Is Coming Out With . Obviously If The Phone Is New That Means It Has Better Graphics And Better Things On It . My Opinion Is That SPRINT SUCKS . The Calls Are Always Dropping . And Lets Not Go With The Signal . It SUCKS . i Bet That As Soon This Phone Comes Out All Yu Criticizers Are Going To Get It An Thenn Change Yur Mind . So Shut Up

  • Davidcheng11

    to everyone making a big deal about this–hang tight. htc hasn’t disappointed before, so just give them the next few days at ces to unveil what they’re hiding from us.

  • Techy

    Seriously androidspin? I mean I understand protecting your hard work with a watermark, but those monstrosities that you use that cover up half the picture are a bit much don’t you think?

  • ThaTruth

    Its amazing to me how you people complain way to much, the only people who should truly be complaining are the people, such as myself, reppin T-Mobile. As they are the ones that started the Android Evolution, and have still yet to produce a High End Android device that can contend with other carriers. Get nothing twisted about it, my G2 and my bro’s MT4G are phenomenal phones running cyanongenmod, but if you truly compare them to all the other carries, they just do not compare.