I don’t even know how to begin to relay this information without being even a slight bit irritated by its apparent arrival, but I’ll try. It seems Samsung has worked with T-Mobile to bring another Galaxy S device to the great big magenta carrier.

The Samsung Vibrant 4G. Ya, a 4G Vibrant. Here’s the real kicker, the device is the same as the Samsung Vibrant we all know and love right now, except with a front facing camera, 21Mbps data speeds, T-Mobile TV app and Android 2.2. I should probably mention wireless syncing of music through DoubleTwist and the hit movie “Inception”. Like any of that really matters.

There are two main reason why I am highly upset at the screenshots that were located by TmoNews. First, Android 2.2. This gets the juices flowing because I know how Samsung and T-mobile work. Since this devices is an “upgraded” Vibrant, those of you patiently waiting for your software update are only going to have to wait longer. There is no way Samsung or T-Mobile will push out an OTA to the current device till long after this one launches. They want you to buy the new phone instead. Second, the memory specs say 1GB internal storage. Since I don’t have any confirmation on if this refers to app memory or actual internal storage, I can’t be overly hot about it. If you think about the current Vibrant though, we have 16GB internal with 2GBs dedicated to apps. External storage is still capable to 32GB, but it sounds like this one will come preloaded with a 16GB card.

They do plan to do a huge advertising campaign for the Vibrant 4G through TV, Cinema advertising and huge amounts of coverage from Samsung. I am sure this is due to the fact that the original Samsung Vibrant has sold nearly 1 million units, which is the largest number of single U.S. carrier based Galaxy S devices sold to date. I just fear they are wasting their money on something that they should have started out selling or should at least update the current 1 million users and put this to Android 2.3.

Source: Tmonews

  • http://twitter.com/oshizzle1991 Colby Rascol

    wow…im kind of in shock. im having flash backs to the MT3G/MT Fender/MT3G 3.5.

  • McD

    It’s not T-Mobile. It’s Samsung. It is obvious that Samsung is crappy when it comes to software updates. I swore never to buy Samsung and that decision has saved me from a lot of frustration. When Nexus S came out, it was totally disappointing. Samsung is a disappointing company. Enough said.

    • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

      Agreed something like this is an inconsiderate move by samsung to everyone who purchased a vibrant and is still waiting for a froyo release…but lets be honest..samsung has a large line of realy good products..I’ve been following their line ups in several categories and they produced some of the best electronics at competitive prices… Wether is computer monitors, hdtvs, audio accessories (some of the best head phones I’ve tested have been from the samsung blue tooth line up..) Or even now with the original vibrant…one of the best phones in the android market…
      Yeah..their strategy sucks for us…but on the other hand we can’t act like everything they release isn’t worth looking at because of frustration…
      All the big companies have strategies that will annoy us from time to time…sony, apple, samsung, apple, microsoft…apple…did I mention apple?

  • http://twitter.com/oshizzle1991 Colby Rascol

    you should read the comments on tmonews.com EVERYONE IS PISSED!

  • http://androidspin.com/ Stormy Beach

    Don’t get my opinion to construed, I still greatly love my Vibrant, only because of the developer community. Leaving it as open as they did was the only good move I feel they have made. I just can’t believe they went and did this. Especially after the Nexus S disappointment. I really had high hopes for Samsung when the Vibrant launched. I might have to reconsider my loyalty and make a move to LG or back HTC when I get a chance.

    • http://twitter.com/Jbowdach Jason Bowdach

      Same here man, Ive been a Vibrant fan since day one, but this is too much.

      • Anonymous

        I loved my laggy ass vibrant but im going to the other side of korea and going to get the LG optimus 2x I defended samsung but they want to be apple and release updated phone n crap. Sammy just wants your money that’s all they better give this phone for free to everyone who has a vibrant already because this is just dirty. I hate apple but alease they listen to there customers a lil and wait a full year untill the bring a updated phone out ill buy a iphone before another samsung device.

      • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

        As colby pointed out the mt3g went through similar pointless upgraded versions and people bought it…samsung isn’t the only company out there who will do this..htc already did…and no one is going to stop buying htc phones…
        Lets be honest..the vibrant is a pretty good phone and thanx to the community its become the top selling phone…the community is what drives the sales up…just like the nook that had sales rise because it could be rooted and made into an android tablet…

        Lg does not make great phones…they make ok phones..htc was the leader in smart phones..samsung rose to the challenge… (motorola just got lucky cause they couldn’t make a decent phone with there software to save their lives and then android came and did…save them that is)

        When the time comes for us to get a new phone we will go with the one that we think is the best in the market..it won’t matter if is samsung or htc (or anyone else who may rise from the ashes) cause none of us really rely on our providers or the manufacturers…we rely on the community..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=573346615 Bill Surowiecki

    I say we form a class-action lawsuit… I have no clue what it would be for, but Im sure we can think of something. This is pretty much the lamest move possible by Tmobile AND Samsung.

  • http://twitter.com/Jbowdach Jason Bowdach

    Wow, this is freaking disgusting. I cant believe they have the never to screw everyone who purchased a Vibrant by releasing an almost identical version but w/ HSPA+ and Android 2.2. Ive stood by Samsung and the Vibrant since day one, but this is BS. I hope Tmobile and Samsung are listening…….

  • Lagartoi

    I have the same Samsung Vibrant for more than one month ago. Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant with Front face camera mod from galaxy i9000, team whiskey rom with gingerbread spice – tango and Qik for video chat, so what the F…. is the difference. T-mobile thats not the best move.

    • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

      well for one this might provide a solution for the banding :p

      Other than that it really seems like a downgrade to me…1gb internal storage to get the ffc…i have the ffc mod…well be prefect sooner or later (kellylewis will get it sorted) and we already have froyo thanx to tw and the community. The 4g its pretty much useless since it won’t be available everywhere…i barely get gsm in my own home…if it weren’t for wifi calling I wouldn’t be able to use phone…

  • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

    The question is…how reliable are the specs from this article? I couldn’t find any other source to verify this that didn’t link back to tmonews. It doesn’t make sense to release this phone…it has nothing more to offer other than the ffc (forget the 4g a that’s plain b.s….coverage and other limitations apply in very small print…).

  • Drew

    I got the Vibrant when it first came out in July of last year so I should be pissed but thanks to the awesome developers out there I already have all this… and I don’t even have 4G in my area yet. I just can’t wait yo hear more about the Galaxy S 2 next month.

  • Anonymous

    If this happens I’ll leave t mobile!

  • Ghoff15

    I will leave tmobile too and never buy a samsung phone again

  • Ddasds1

    im leaving and going to sprint if this happens!!!

  • Deathsector

    im already gone from tmobile they suck big time … i m a verizon wireless customer , waiting for the thunderbold the merge or bionic

  • Jdmzrx

    I don’t understand all the boohooing.the vibrant is at least six months old.
    If you always want the latest and greatest you’ll never be happy with what you’ve got.

    • Method115

      lol this makes me laugh cause I was saying the same thing about 3 months ago. I’m sorry bust releasing this update is a slap in the face to those who have been waiting. There is some very important features in this update it’s not something small like android 2.3.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not about that! It’s pretty much fucking your customers over if this happens! Bet this phone comes out and the vibrant never gets froyo!
      I’m on froyo thanks to team whiskey! onyx 4.2, that’s froyo minus the crap touchwiz! It’s just not right, and I won’t stick around after this…

      • Anonymous

        Samsung can keep its 4g Vibrant, it probably will never see Gingerbread, and if does it will probably be when the rest of the phones have Ice Cream.

        So no, regardless of what Samsung has to offer, and T Mobile for that matter. They can keep their Vibrant. I would prefer an Atrix combination of PC and Phone. As it would suit my needs.

        The lack of a dual core processor, renders this new Vibrant as OLD technology.
        The lack of a Flash is just unforgivable.
        The fact its a Samsung device, renders it as a useless device that will lack upgrades.

        T Mobile, you should understand, most current Samsung owners will not trust Samsung again. If you keep on making deals with Samsung and providing useless phones, you only will lose customers. Because of your service most of us have stayed. Though we are NOT interested in Samsung products, to make it interesting, you would have to offer it very cheap, FREE! and without the need for a contract, then maybe we could consider trying it.

        Samsung hasn’t gotten the message, but from the responses here, very few would consider a Samsung device again. I hope Samsung takes note, cause they have really made a mess of their reputation.

        The fact that the Vibrant 4G carries a Samsung logo just sais a lot…. its a USELESS device and we don’t want it.

  • Rizo

    “I just fear they are wasting their money on something that they should have started out selling or should at least update the current 1 million users and put this to Android 2.3.”

    I hope they waste their money!!! They deserve it.

    I really hate you samsung, and how much it hurts to say this, I’m really starting to hate you too T-mobile. Where is 2.2 for existing vibrant owners? Yeah, I have 2.2 thanks to Team Whiskey, but until 2.2 is released, the developer community will always be lacking a true kernel to work with. I will never buy another Samsung phone again. Just another attempt to sucker more customers into their super amoled BS.

    HTC from now on.

    • Michael

      What’s funny is that the community has churned out several ROMs on ZERO BUDGET while Tmo and Samsung haven’t managed to get one out the door with all of their combined resources.

  • MT3G_Loser

    As someone who is still rocking 1.6 on a MT3G, I know how it feels to see other phones get upgrades before yours. But I’ve learned something from this. Most phones don’t get timely Android updates, if they even get the updates at all. The only way to ensure that you’ll get each and every update is to buy a Nexus branded phone. If you buy any other phone, what you see is what you get.

    • Pierceye

      I’m relatively new to Android but I’ve still got to call bogus on this one. I have an Evo and we got the FroYo update at the beginning of August. A great many hours of reading have led me to conclude that if updates are important to you, stay away from Samsung and lower end phones. The time investment from the carriers and the manufacturers isn’t worth it for the cheaper devices. Updates for them seem like more of an afterthought. I think Samsung has definitely proven out their disregard for keeping existing customers happy. A shame that they are putting the shaft to so many Android folks, but there you go.

  • Ravenwulf

    looks like we have another one to add to the list of devices abandoned by SamSux
    Behold = no update
    Behold 2 = promised 2.1 from 1.5, got 1.6 that bricked a lot of devices
    Vibrant = update promised, instead a “new” model of the same phone gets pushed on consumers.

    now to see how many people who swore they’d never buy another SamSux device after getting screwed on the BH2 and turned around and bought the Vibrant end up jumping to the Vibrant 4G only to get rammed in the backside again

  • Michael

    Now details of the Galaxy S2 have surfaced – dual core, gingerbread, NFC, bigger screen.

    No word on LED flash, but I doubt it. Chances this phone will receive timely updates – zero.

  • Rdrew56

    Samsung has given us a great phone in the vibrant,solid hardware and one of the easiest to software modify. If your not already running a Froyo custom rom your missing the boat. There is a huge repository of information on how to do this,don’t rely on others, do it yourself.

  • David

    this is a good day to be a htc fanboy lol. but hey, at least samsung always picks good movies to throw on their phones.

  • SamsungSUCKS

    Tweet to @SamsungMobileUS or @SamsungTweets with hashtag #neveragain …. I am furious with the verizon fascinate, as the froyo update was promised within 30 days of purchasing the phone and now I have been stuck with it for over 4 months and froyo date is still unknown…while other phones are already talking gingerbread and honeycomb. Samsung SUCKS!!!!!