The folks over at Droid-Life has received the system dump for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and was nice enough to share it with the world. The file is approximatly 65mb and contains all the applications, framework, and all the other great stuff you would expect. Please fill free to let us know if you find anything worth noting.

You can find the download here.

Source: Droid-Life

  • Rob

    Is this for tablets or the phones??

    • Zetinomytouch

      It’s mainly built for “tablets”. however it may work on phone too..

      • Basiix

        I just ported this over to my Emerson microwave oven. I haz root, therefore the food tastes better.

        • anon

          Wasting bandwidth I see…

        • KCRic

          I’m using my companies bandwidth…

        • Fredfred

          Yeah gotya my Dyson’s rockin now.

        • Fredfred

          Yeah gotya my Dyson’s rockin now.

    • Carlito PR

      3.0 (HONEYCOMB) was designed for tablets but who knows….

    • Jigglypuff

      It’s made for android devices. Google had tablets well in mind while making it, so many things will be more tablet friendly. But it’s going to be the same thing for both tablets and phones. And this is just a dump of the blobs. You can’t actually put this on something and use it. It’s just for enthusiasts to muck around with.

  • Rob

    So who wants to brick there phone first lol

  • Truthkillszz

    hopefully something can be made for the archos 70IT from this

    • Jigglypuff

      This is just a blob dump. *THIS* can’t actually be used on any devices.

  • Xquizet94

    can i dwnload this for my evo 4g if i have rooted with unrevoked3…all ive done is the unrevoked 3…nothing else

  • cris

    I will do it now on sony ericsson xperia arc, and i’ll let you know 😉

  • jfk

    was in myanmar airport wanted use wifi boot shut down
    on android 3.2/mid 703 where useing sdk got it almost made
    but wireless not working any more can i use ubundu 11 for recover

  • jfk

    ues for answer

  • Daarr

    I don`t know how to install it.I copied the files in my phone..but after that?..

  • prem panwar

    I have samsung galaxy fit handset i want download android 3.0 operating system, how’s that possible through mobile
    please tell me

    • Stormy Beach

      Well, first off Android 3.0 is Honeycomb and is designed and built for tablets only, so a phone wouldn’t be able to run it. The only way you will be able to move up in OS versions on that device will be to root your phone and flash a custom ROM.. here is the XDA page for your device. there is a lot to choose from and root instructions should be in there somewhere too.

  • Camila

    Depois que atualizei meu galaxy tab 7 plus para android 4.0 o wifi não funciona. Estou desesperada, passei a noite inteirinha tentando resolver.

  • vipul

    i have android tablet, but my android is corrupted ,
    how i can install new android through my laptop on my tablet?
    i had android version 4.0.3,
    were i can download android?

    • Stormy Beach

      That is a pretty Vague comment my friend. There are hundreds of Android tablets out there. The system dump is for people that like to poke around inside the software. Pull out apps and wallpapers and ringtones for everyone to have. This isn’t something you can just “install”

  • ali

    hello i think you can do better than about this sait thank you

  • aldo

    Please can you help me to “hard reset” my android tab?
    it’s a vmk ( first african tab) …