T-Mobile delivers a few jabs and a big right hook to Verizon and AT&T. T-Mobile releases a few statistics and graphs from network tests in Atlanta and New York City.  Already having 4G available, T-Mobile completely decimates AT&T’s and Verizon’s current data speeds, which is no surprise. With AT&T having their IPhone and Verizon unleashing theirs, T-Mobile stays on top of their game letting you know they’re not only less expensive, and they’re also offering 4G right now. Although Verizon is coming out with 4G, as is AT&T, they do not offer it on their IPhones. T-Mobile’s data plans start at $10 with 4G as opposed to AT&T’s at $15 and Verizon’s at $29.99 which are only 3G.  Currently offering 3 Android devices that are 4G capable and having over 200,000,000+ customers that can  utilize their 4G network it’s clear T-Mobile is a very strong contender in this market.

Source: T-Mobile

  • Montiz333

    Notice they didn’t have nothin to say anything about sprint because when u compare sprint and tmobile SPRINT WINS EASILY Tmobile 10$ data is limited to 256 mb WTH why even have 4g with a wakk limit like that

    • robert

      Totally agreed, them sporting off that peice of sh%t 200mb plan is retarded. No one with an android phone could make that last more than 2 days.

    • Est1692

      Umm 200mb is a choice, but unlimited is 5GB a month is is like 50x more than at&t and idk how many times more than Verizon, get your facts right.

      And no need to attack sprint because they are nothing to tmobile, not even a worthy contender.

  • Wakawaka024

    what a joke… oops must have forgotten about sprint, cmon now

  • Jacob

    The ad was meant to attack the IPhone and those carrier’s new upgrade to 4G. Just a reminder that T-Mobile has already been there and done that Verizon and AT&T are behind. A sucker punch if you will. As far as data plans go, the point was merely to say that T-Mobile offers their data plans starting at $10 not saying that they don’t have better ones. Although I would have lead off with the fact T-Mobile is still offering an unlimited package with 4G and is not talking about capping nor throttling their customers data streams.

  • kretz

    t-mobile has 4G? news to me

  • D Quizzy

    Att offers the 200 mb for $15 with 3g and verizon is offer 75mb for $10 for their soon to be 4g. Btw Sprint SUCKS!!!!!! WiMax was totally the way to go sprint so with your epic or evo dont forget to turn it on and kill your battery.