As gadget users, we are always looking for the next greatest dock or mount that is affordable and does its job as it should. Often times we end up having many different docks or mounts for all of our devices. This can really get on your nerves when traveling or even at home. I know I have 4 different holders sitting on my desk at home for various purposes. I suppose I should say I used to. Now I just have my Spiderpodium and my life has become just that much easier.

Instead of taking a bunch of pictures of this thing sitting on my desk, I thought it might be a bit easier to use some of the photos from Breffo’s photo gallery to give you some ideas on how functional this accessory is.

Not only can you easily use this great accessory for your Android device but you can use it for your camera, iPhone, MP3 players, books, beverages and so much more. As you will notice from the photos the original unit comes in black or white. With 8 fully bendable legs. There is no limit to what this little guy can get its legs around and do for you.

After I received my Spiderpodium, I spent a good 3 hours bending and configuring this unit into anything I could imagine. Since the unit is designed essentially for all your gadget needs, setting this accessory up can take a minute based on the device or function you are going for.  I think this is what sets it apart from the rest though. I wrapped my Vibrant up and hooked it to the stroller while I took my son for a walk and then wrapped it around a pole at the park to take a video of him in a swing. I can already think of at least a dozen other uses for this accessory. For instance, wrapping it around a flash light and hanging it from the hood latch to work on your car.

The casing is made of a rubberized coating which has a great soft touch feel to it. The coating allows for the Spiderpodium to grip on to things while not being clamped to them or cause any damages. The legs can bend in any direction or fashion you desire. Although there are segments located on the legs, the whole leg will bend anywhere you choose to bend it at. aAnother added advantage is how portable it is. It has a very simple design, can fold out flat and pack very easily. Add in the fact that this is not device specific makes its a must have for everyone for any reason.

But wait, there’s more! I love infomercials. The above device is for smaller gadgets and pretty much anything else you can think of for your everyday life. Breffo has a second Spidepodium available. One specifically designed for tablets. This one is much larger and could still be used for many more things then just propping up you Galaxy tab 2.

Now the most important part. How much is one of these Spiderpodiums gonna set you back. Well, you can pick up the standard one which is  aimed at most all portable devices for only $19.99, if you are in need of one of the larger tablet variations you are looking at $34.99. The tablet versions of this unique product are only available for pre-order at the moment. They are expected to ship sometime this month. They will be available in grey and white.

For more information on these units, head on over to Breffo’s home page and take a look.

  • 13islucky

    That thing looks awesome, and I definitely want one….but can’t bring myself to lay down 20 clams on something I can make do with by bending binder clips.