Xperia X10 Gets New Reboot into xRecovery Option


This option has long been available to those who have been running Cyanogen and many of the other ROMs available for their devices. However some have yet to experience the convenience of this option, and Xperia X10 now gets it’s turn.

The developer infrastructure that is XDA has spit out this new option which will allow X10 users to boot into recovery directly without use of a rom manager. Thanks to member DooMLorD X10 users can now take advantage of this by modifiying a file. Of course this modification is only meant for advanced users as it pertains to changing lines in an important system file, so it may not be worth the effort for some users.

Of course the methods to obtain this mod wouldn’t be possible without XDA members Bin4ry and Androxyde’s FlashTool that ultimately helps accomplish this feat. A complete how-to as well as more information from the developers can be obtained in the official XDA thread.


[While we support development, we do not take responsibility for anything that happens to your device upon the use of this software. If your device gets bricked, your dog eats it, or it self-destructs, we’re throwing our hands up. Not in celebration of course, however if that last thing happens get it on video. It would make a nice post. Have fun. =)]


Source: xda-developers via XDA thread

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