Among the many customizations available for the various amounts of Android devices, themes are probably one of the biggest. There’s no better way to express yourself than a completely custom interpretation  of what you think your device’s interface, as a whole, should look like. While all this may be true most people tend to opt out of making their own themes and would rather simply download one some else made. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this however, it’s common mentality to want things a specific way. So why not tackle the deed yourself? Of course this may be easier said than done.

XDA member adam2010 has provided a tutorial on the various ways of customizing your system by theming launchers, framework and system apps. While this provides a bit of your undivided attention, it’s worth while. No longer will you have to wait for the perfect theme to roll out, or request other people to construct something more to your liking. Simply do it yourself.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, adam2010 plans on releasing an additional four tutorials which will seek to make the helpless, heroes in their own sense. Current and upcoming tutorials can be found below.

  • [3/27] Tutorial I:  Use sample themed images (or images you found from other roms, sources,..) and apply them to framework & system apps
  • [3/27] Tutorial II:  Create your own images: 9.png files and how to cheat them!
  • [Upcoming] Tutorial III:  Create boot-animations for any device.
  • [Upcoming] Tutorial IV:  How to decode apk with “apktool”, the easy way!
  • [Upcoming] Tutorial V:   Where are the images for status bar? Quick map for finding your images-Part (a)
  • [Upcoming] Tutorial VI:  Let’s make our own LauncherPro theme!

It seems that there’s a lot of work ahead. Kudos to this guy for taking the time help other people learn a bit and evolve. Be sure to thank him and check out his tutorials in the official XDA thread.


Source: xda-developers via XDA thread