Back in February I brought you all a look at Breffo’s first Spiderpodium and was able to share some useful ideas for its use. Its size allowed it to be used for multiple devices as well as just about anything else you can think of. Breffo has recently released the latest addition to their line by introducing the tablet version of their accessory unit. Substantially larger in size and in sturdiness, this newest addition makes it a must for any tablet owner out there. Below you will find a few photos of the unboxing along with a few small ideas using my Ican! 10 tablet.

I know hanging it from a chair isn’t all that impressive, but I am kinda liking the set up by my PC with movies playing while I write this review. You might also notice the smaller black Spiderpodium that I photographed next to to the tablet edition version. It should give you a little visual reference point for its new size.

As far as price is concerned you can still pick up the original Spiderpodium for $19.99 and the recent Tablet edition for $34.99. I would agree that the prices seem a little steep, if this was designed for one specific device or use. Since this will work for any device, tablet or anything else you can dream of, the price point seems very fair. I personally can’t wait till it warms up enough to go camping and see what else I can do with these great little products.

You can head on over to to take a further look and even order your own Spiderpodium today.


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  • MrYellovich

    For $6.99 you can put up 2 34in Twist N Stay from Kmart & make 2 tablet stands. I love them for the Xoom.