HBO Go Coming to Android


Beyond the many streaming applications you may find on the Android market, and the lack of a Netflix, another option may soon be available. HBO subscribers could be getting a new applcation that will allow streaming of your favorite movies and series exclusive to the network. This new application will allow you to stream those shows anytime you want to via your Android device of choice. Although we’ve yet to see a press release or anything pertaining to it it seems we may be seeing this roll out  May 2nd as hinted by the video below.

Source: Android Central via YouTube

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I'm an avid technology lover. My first Android device was a G1; I fell in love (except for the battery), next I got a Samsung Captivate; error in judgment on my behalf, now I've moved on to the MyTouch 4G; which I absolutely love. What started with me just needing some kind of phone to use, i.e. free G1, ended with a new addiction.... I also enjoy long walks on the beach and luxurious bubble baths.... Oh wait.

  • Dean

    It’ll be US only again…

  • Marty

    I want a ipad just for this!

  • Bob Smith

    This is awesome news! I just found out yesterday that I can watch streaming HBO shows on the go with my Droid! I can get unlimited access to HBO titles not offered by Netflix’s online service most of which is available in high definition at Customers have access to more than 1,800 titles including Hollywood hits such as Avatar, and The Hangover. HBO also has award-winning series such as True Blood, as well as independent films, classic films and more. As a subscriber and employee of DISH Network this is great news!

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