The usual trends in the Android theming world often revolve around making whatever device you have look like the latest and greatest version of the Android OS regardless whether your device is equipped with it. That being said the newest and most elusive version at this time is the tablet based Honeycomb that has only made a debut on one device so far, unless you managed to grab a Transformer of course.

Among the many features added to Honeycomb was a total new lockscreen unlike what we’re used to seeing in our “pure” Google experiences. Although the lockscreen isn’t one of the more glamorous features I would hazard a guess that many people would love to have it on their current devices. Thanks to XDA member Drakknar that’s some what possible as he made his own custom rendition of it. The  new lockscreen allows you to view your missed calls, messages, emails, and provides the percentage of battery life left. A music player integration has also been added under the clock, which I would imagine is a toggle.

At the moment the lockscreen is merely a project that’s being perfected, however the developer has reached out to the community to get opinions as to whether or not this venture is a welcomed one. If all goes well his intentions are to submit this lockscreen to the CyanogenMod team to try and get it added to “CMnext”, Drakknar has also stated that the lockscreen is intended to be added to the CM7 Tablet Tweaks 2 integration that adds Honeycomb and tablet oriented enhancements to the CM releases.

To make sure all these things are realized be sure to stop by the XDA thread and let the developer know what you think of his hard work. Oh and feel free to let us know your thoughts too. =)

Source: xda-developers via XDA thread

  • Ruben

    Looks really good, why wait for CMnext? A flashable zip, or a metamorph to hold us over would be perfect.

  • Nathan Coulombe

    DO WANT!

  • Managed Hosting Reviews

    Looks amazing!..