If you find yourself constantly modifiying your phone to better suit your need, whether it be flashing ROMs, themes,  or simple modifications, you may often want to change things like kernel images and boot logos. XDA member joeykrim just made it easier for you.

His new app allows you to flash kernel zImages, boot logo.pngs, and recovery.rfs files directly from Android without having to boot your device into recovery and apply a .zip. Supports is limited to a few devices s3c6410 phones, Samsung Moment, Transform, Intercept  and Acclaim, as far as full funtionality goes. Also supports HTC EVO and EVO Shift kernel boot.img and recovery.img flashing. More device support can be expected later in the future as the curent limations are “due to hardware manufacturer differences and their software implementations.”


Future Support:
The current phone support limitation is due to hardware manufacturer differences and their software implementations. This process can be very dangerous and I’m being very caution by thoroughly testing before releasing. I’ve started with the phones I am most familiar with and will slowly branch out to support all the phones possible, I hope!
I have a personal list of features I am going to be adding over the coming days and weeks in addition to support for other phones. Please feel free to leave feedback here and requests for phone support. If you have any information on flash_image or bmlwrite for your phone, that’ll help get me started researching on your phone support request. Thanks!


If this sounds like something you could sue head on over to the XDA thread or the Android market via the link below. Be sure to leave feedback if this application meets your needs, and expect more features to be added later.



Summary and Downloads:

Application: Flash Image Gui
Developer: joeykrim
Cost: $0.99

Source: XDA thread